Saturday , July 2 2022

MONTHS / Over 70%, men are still detecting HIV's detection figures


Last year, 1,443 people were diagnosed with HIV, 71% were males and 29% were women; 392 cases were from AIDS and were between the ages of 20 and 34, which did not correspond to previous records. According to Pronasida's data.

In this situation, Dr. Pronaside's Director, Tania Samudio, stresses the essential role of effective response to education, promotion and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Regarding the treatment received by the diagnosed person, current medication is one single dose in one tablet.

"We have antiretroviral drugs, we do not use them, not specific reactive programs in the liver, and must be distinguished from ordinary reagents that all people should have or do not have. It's a benchmark center for specific reagents, that is, faster tests, testing tests, Wester Block, viral load and CD4 monitoring and plasma viral load, "he explained.

The HIV test offers free syphilis and hepatitis; The results are not considered confidential, and at least 30 minutes are required when not requiring a medical request.

Samudio carries out a free and confidential trial to start the treatment, which is why MSP offers several services for users, such as reagents, research and antiretroviral, the Health Region and the eighteenth. , in particular, in the Health Division in the integrated twelve integrated health services.

Every year, December 1, celebrates AIDS World Day to promote awareness and awareness of education. "We are working to preventing the structure and training of professionals who carry out diagnostic and follow-up tests for all users and await prevention prevention, the promotion of preventive transmission," he said.

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