Saturday , February 4 2023

Monumental piece of paper, inside: it was a sketch of football in a tragedy


Argentine football has long been linked to a tragedy. Floresta took place last week in front of the main menu that lived in the Historic Monastery. The eyes of the world settled in Argentina's white soccer match watch the soccer show Between River and Boca. But the show They came back to the bars and with its most popular repertoire energy: violence.

The outer pandemonium of the Northern neighborhood had a naked naked combination of serious defects in the security operation, barrabrava ferocity, "banality of evil" at the moment of relativity, attack by Boca players.

Four prevention rings in the Gendarmerie, Prefecture, Infantry and Doucad players division, specialized division of sports events. All well-equipped and prepared to make the minimum complaint. Write and search for entries, checks and recipes. However, something was wrong. From there, the riders hurried on the field several hours before, warning them that the weather was hard. Theft of del Libertador Street tickets and took advantage of a gap between the teams and several fans who had crossed a doubt without a specific answer: Will the Board of Drunkards come? Will they sit down on TV to attack or see if they see the Superfinal?

The role of fans of The All Boys envisioned a shameful monument.
The role of fans of The All Boys envisioned a shameful monument.

A mega operation of more than 2 thousand soldiers, coordinated by City and Nation, to protect the entry and exit of local fans, and the Boca micro have two basic instances unknown. Prevention: Did you ever imagine Los Borrachos del Tablón in that vengeance? 7 million pesos and 300 seizures were hijacked? In fact, that was clear There was no intelligence against powerful groups. Intervention: Hot escort from agents and malnutrition Boca players moved to the bus. Did they have enough space to clean the area of ​​the River, was not a voluntary mistake or negligence? Next time another security device will appear.

Was the police station released? Was the complaint of the raid that was leading the Los Barros del Tablón in the bar? Did Boca players overcome injuries? These and others mounted above the tribune of the monument. Nonetheless, all the questions were unfocused when most fans became naturalized by violence. "Pepper gas is different because it has occurred outside the stadium"; "They take Pablo Pérez and go out to Almendra", "they want to cancel the game", "we're afraid". Only one voice came up against the present, and it started a question that put an end to the cataclysmic arguments against violence: "Did the Poncio do the same thing happened to Pablo Pérezi?" After several questions, no one answered.

Only the majority of the fans of the river thought: You must act as a superfinal. Almighty in its maximum expression. In short, violence did not matter: the show must continue, and now. Maybe a few should be encouraged and said by Marcelo Gallardo that he would listen to the jury's provisional jury: "We did not play, we did not want to do anything".

In time and time, Mauricio Macri was awakening suddenly, they had the opportunity to play with the visitors in the Superfinal section, "we have to show." Cup society, and many examples, are changing and are always worse. This afternoon, River fans unfortunately do not play with local fans and much less visitors. And a lot less to live with good intentions.

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