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Monumental raid is over: investigating the relationship between the "Cavern" Godoy River and the river leadership – 11/26/2018


There were several fronton courts in the area of ​​Buenos Aires that opened in the Boca Monument Hall in Bilbao and Boca (it still has not played).

Chronological order, on Friday (300 tickets and seven million pesos), the connection between the kidnapped and the kidnapped by the river leadership. The crossing between the fans of the outer stadium and the police, near the Boca micro campus, and the woman who appeared in the video, to enter the stadium into a child's body.

The agents of Buenos Aires attacked Monumental Offices. The analysis of the sources that are being investigated is analyzed

The agents of Buenos Aires attacked Monumental Offices. "Godoy" has been investigated on the origin of the "Cavern" house. (AFP)

Luis Cevasco, City Attorney General, has clarified every situation. The strongest incident occurred on Friday at the same time as "Héctor" Caverna "Godoy and José Uequin" La Bolsa de Papa ". They were kidnapped in the first house 300 tickets and total money 7 million pesos.

The fiscal investigation is led by Norberto Brotto Some fluctuations in the River Stadium offices.

In that sense, the club sent a statement, which was put to justice. "River received a court trial under the direction of Norberto Brotto, head of the Supreme Court of the City of Buenos Aires, under the jurisdiction of Patricia Ana Larocca, head of the Criminal Court, Contravencional and Ciudad de las Fouls No. 12, the Club has been made available and has the widest cooperation for participation all the information and documentation that requests the entry, sale and withdrawal procedure, and the database of partners registry system, valid access and apocryphal detection system, through the cellular detection system and access reader registration record ", received a press conference. The club also began "internal research".


Héctor "Caverna" Godoy (red red) in the tributary of the river. He had 300 tickets in his house and 7 million pesos.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor, Cevasco, confirmed bugle At the cavern they seized the tickets "We are real, with the stadium's access system, and there are no protocols. They are nominal, that is, their identification. If another point is investigated in this case, information has been released. Not for God or not, in the days of raid during their homes. "

It is a sales card before you can consult the two process status queries offense, and not a crime, which is not applied to preventive detention in the City of Buenos Aires.

An important focus on the research, even more complex, is the situation that surrounds the stadium. The identification of the Boca micro-attackers has allowed dozens of videos to be reviewed, because the Liberator and Monroe police were longing for them, as well as the vandalism and robbery. They go to court.

Legal cases in the case are "contradictory". But shame adds the elements that put other players in danger. "Lack of collections and organization" and "failure to comply with the duty of public officers". It is obvious that the people in charge of the operation, the police officers and the agents that work are. All this is done by the Attorney Adriana Bellavigna.

Another, shameful, situation was taken from a domestic video, taken by his cell phone and a vehicle: a woman tied the baby to her limbs with the ribbons.

The prosecutor Adriana Bellavigna began an investigation into image processing networks and research through open data networks and social networks.

The Judicial Research Bodies of the City of Buenos Aires identified people and their headquarters, and experts were presented to prosecutors.

In analyzed images, the use of the clock was detected when the child placed rings, an object that was seen in another image in the social network linked to others.

Thanks to these data, Bellavini demanded a woman's arrest warrant, then authorized by a judge, to protect the "crime of endangering the child's life" at least 2 to 6 years in prison.

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