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More consumers are in favor of Cordova rights


-One return is 1.50 missing.

-Yes, but I do not have coins.

– Can not you give it something?

-No, you can not.

-And then. What to do

-If you want to wait for someone else to pay for the change.

The cashier closed the interview with an irony: a place was desert, a Sunday afternoon. The customer resigned, took things out and quit.

It happened in a Santa Rosa de Calamuchita supermarket. It might have occurred in any city or country in Córdoba. If the situation was repeated every day, it would add up to 45 pesos a month, equivalent to a liter of oil. And one year would be 547 pesos, or about 15 liters of milk.

"People claim, above all, that the economic situation and not so much cause anger and anger," said Esteban Bría, the lawyer for 15 years, and continues to advise him in private matters.

Bría speaks of "cultural claim", which has nothing to do with age, class or training. He emphasizes that "it is the" perception of damages caused by a violation of a right "in terms of what he thinks unfair.

90% of cases are severe Bría – they are very small. "Therefore, it is important to have free and fast procedures: they will take four months and do not miss the cell phone, you have already lost," he says.

An additional card in a summary of a card, a credit agreed upon by administrative costs, an unsuccessful tool, delays in delivering a car or modifying a plan's fees: it's all in claims.

Bría advises something simple: before making a transaction, read the fine print: "It's not something that's generally done, but it's hard to figure out what it's like, it's not beneficial, it's already a clear warning."

Be careful with offers

Bría warned that the day-to-day discount of goods and services is highly susceptible. "Sometimes there are ads that take advantage of innocent or non-expert people, such as a 50-inch television super offering, but an unexplained," graphic model.

Likewise, it is recommended that the person who foresees it has previously notified. Mistakes are often pityed by purchases, usually with no offers.

Complaints by mail

Ariel Juri, the Director General of Consumer Protection and Commercial Loyalty, dependent on the Provincial Trade Secretary, assures that technology support will facilitate the reception of complaints: online may be formulated.

The processes begin with the claim and then set the list of hearing and refer to the provider and the consumer.

"We do not act as mediator, but defends the weakest relationship, the consumer," says Juri. He underlined that the main objective is to reach an agreement and get 86 points in that case to reach this area.

"In general, merchants enter the audience, warn them of the warning and determine the penalties of the legal area," he says. "Nobody wants to be in the register of deliberations," he adds.

This province division works in 24,240 and 22,802 laws, and has its headquarters in the capital of Cordova, with offices in Rio Cuarto, Mina Clavero, San Francisco and Deán Funes. Some municipalities have their own consumer rights offices.

Most of the reported topics

He noted that the elements that accumulate Cordova further include credit cards due to the rise in current interest rates. Many bills and unprocessed products and services also appear. In the classification -Where banks continue, due to the inability of people who do not meet the loan levels. Savings plans, especially for self-purchases, are the remaining: the "fixed weight" fee, two planned sales defects and deadlines are delayed.

Complaints. Consumers' complaints grow in the consumer's defense. (Voice)

Claims grow

The consultations ended in the third quarter. "Daily 90 and 110 inquiries in September 2017 went to September 270, 2018," says Juri.

This trend is attributed to the economic context of inflation, because interest rates have increased. "It has driven all of this situation, especially with problems with banks and cards," he stressed.

When criminal cases are transferred to criminal plane, the distribution is going to ordinary courts for the formation of a criminal offense: the crime goes to fraud.

"We did a major battle between the pre-fabrication and the 29 complaints filed in September 2017, only in the last two months of this problem," says Juri. They provide advice on this topic and create qualified registration companies so they can be consulted before hiring people.

On the other hand, reports on the "well-off" reports in the apartments increased.

"Businesses pay more attention"

"Someone claimed and, if so, the companies would look a little bit more," agrees Guillermina, the city's neighbor, 100 kilometers away from Cordoba, with numerous claims against institutions and private companies. "It's right, it's fair, nothing is wrong," he added.

Milk powder did not have a spoonful of measurements according to the package, he said sommier The basis for different heights, the car service for non-commercial ads, tortillas between 10 and 12, were considered to be lacking in bread and poor condition: all cases have been claimed by Guillermina in recent years.

In all of them, the claim was made personally or by telephone, to companies or entities, if it were, and all said, they received good answers.

Vehicle savings plan adds complaints

The planned plans to save on the purchase of motor vehicles, especially when the quotas were changed after severe weight, became a matter for consumers to recover complaints.

A few days ago, La Voz's complaints on the category of this year grew 60 percent in the Office of the Consumer Protection Office, from 85 claims in the first quarter to 105 in the second and 135 in the third.

There were complaints about automotive sales in the fifth place classification In the third month in a few months. And more than half of them have problems with savings plans.

Río Cuarton, more than 70 users, decided before the Federal Court of Justice judicial action before the excessive increase of "price quotas". In the following days, they will make an amparo declaration with precautionary measures. Justice requires a suspension of payments obligations in order to decide whether or not the laws are applied.

This year, the fees increased by 70%. They have extreme cases between 6 thousand and 16 thousand pesos.

In South Cordoba, there are more affected users. The order list will cost 70 more than 70.

It was the first opportunity of claimants to be a Consumer Defense regional representative, but then decided to shorten their response to courts.

"We know that users of the capital city of Cordoba organize themselves, and similar claims have been filed in other territories," the promoter told the newspaper. stanchion.

For the time being, the member of the Cuarto Ombudsman's Office in the Cuarta Ombudsman received collective support for a similar proposal, but eventually the Supreme Court sued.

Consumer Protection Claim

Modes of communication with the province unit.

Office of the Defense Consumer Office of the Province of Córdoba.

Address: Tucumán 176

Phone: 0800-444-5698

Facebook: Facebook / Consumer Protection Córdoba

E-mail, through the website: [email protected]

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