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Moria Casán responded to Romina Manguel, after having made Martín Fierro de Radio critics

"The people of APTRA should listen to a bit more radio", the journalist fired. "Certainly, they liked some radio-games, or listen to and know about the daily newspaper on the radio."

"I'm sorry that Moria Casán, who respects your career as an impeccable, versatile and versatile woman … but under the guidance of so many women … it means that the cost of radio and journalists is a place in the radio" What you have given this award seems to be lacking respect "Romina punishment.

With conversation teleshow, driver you are wrong He did not remain silent and responded faithfully to his karate language: "I have been thankful for Mrs. Romina Manguel Respect for your career and my fun program. I usually see it with Fantino and it's like another man, as it is a man who explains his idea, almost everything that is peculiar to Edi Zunini, Jorge Asis and José Luis Espert. "

"I am a happy secret for your esteem and as the people of the APTRA sent out the radio, he invited for a moment to invite him to leave the program he was doing. FM Late and accompanied by many programs for tenor for non-show shows, "Morias added, after one year of work on vacation. America.

"You are National Radio and perhaps the excellent route that integrates APTRA continues with an obvious and predictable way. In small radio stations you are already naked on stage. I could resignify myself without recovering myself or myself as a victim in the macho environment magazine "he continued. "50 years ago, my brain and my voice rose from my nakedness," he emphasized.

"At this time of power, You can see more interesting words than you have given them. Do not be bitter it will do more to get people to rush into their beautiful face. "Casan advised him.

In the end, Moria did suggestive to the panel Loose animal: "Her daughters do not wear a male bikini, hanging on her neck, hanging on iron, as if it were fashionable. Maybe in a state of radio, a supposedly intelligent wife would not be in cosmic prejudices. At this time, I'm in Paris, enjoying the beauty of history, Animala Encorsetada, bye. "

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