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Mortgages: Tuition fee triple is now and you need to earn at least $ 130 thousand a month – 12/12/2018


It lasted a little. Inflation housing loans, known as "UVA mortgages", started from 2016, after many years of acquiring the bourgeoisie. There was a purchasing boom and thousands of people benefited, many of whom were tempted to pay their tenants for 20 or 30 years. But this year, with the crisis, the dream was very far away. Now, in the city, buy a small house You have to pay a triple rent and the large majority does not receive credit.

Numbers are clear. In the middle of 2017, at the height of the UVA system, the family allowed Banco Nación to spend between 30% and 80% of the value of an average neighborhood room of two neighborhoods, on average, for white $ 26,400 per month. This loan had an initial share of $ 6,750, 12% less $ 7,655 to rent for the same property.

What's up now? The same credit you need to have four times better financial position. The bank will win it $ 130 thousand months, and the fee will begin Almost $ 33 thousand. This is currently an average of 11,826 dollars, three times, to rent a similar unit.

In addition, this barrier must be at least 20% worth of the buyer's bank. In the example of the previous saving example, before 367 thousand dollars, It was 931 thousand dollars. 79 wages together (before 48) equal or the average 40 wages of employees in Buenos Aires (before 21).

Values ​​were calculated bugle At the beginning of this week, $ 37.60 dollars, according to sales and rental values ​​and income data, according to the Department of Statistics of the City and Banco Nación, for clients that collect salaries for this entity.

The exercise reveals that the phenomenon also affects those who try to buy in the least areas of Buenos Aires. Balvanera, for example, with 43 m2, the bank will require $ 105,000 in cash, with the initial fee $ 26,600. And if you tell Liniers, you'll have to pay $ 98,000 $ 24,800 per monthWhen it is rented, it has a cost of $ 8,069.

"The main cause has gone from $ 17 to almost $ 40, and the price of property prices has been. Thus, in terms of weight, housing is worth more than double," explains Juan Juan Bennazar, President of the Argentine Chamber of Real Estate.

According to official data, the average two environments were from one year to the next: $ 105,400 and $ 123,800. The money has risen 17%. But it was pesos 154%$ 1,834,000 jumped $ 4,655,000. 68 m2 of the average neighborhood of the three rooms, the floors totaled 2,792,000 and 6,916,000.

That was the cause. Otherwise, the interest rate on loan interest was remarkable. Initially, in the Nation, inflation was more 3.5% but currently 10%, to increase the amount of the fee and the income requirements.

"Nowadays, almost no one is 70% or 80% worth of the loan, they do not want to get it. There is no doubt that the rate of $ 30 thousand is not for the family, which is why there is a significant drop in demand," says Bennazar.

According to the Central Bank, the UAB mortgage funds decreased by 77% in March and $ 13,937 million (or € 322,615). In the city, according to the Notary's Association, bank mortgages have fallen by 81.7% in October, and the general level of action returned to the minimum level for 2013 in 2013, the "exchange rate".

That was the collision Some banks have already unleashed special areas They created the "last folder bar". "We have orders from 600 to 30 per month. It became marginal, because the majority does not support it anymore. The UVA mortgage has failed, "they said, asking for a reservation at the main bank.

"Demand has been reduced dramatically", they have acknowledged, on their part, on the river Santander. "Combining fees and maturities, a stable dollar and a large non-filling demand marked a boom, which was the same as in the current macroeconomic evolution, but we expect that the market will react more positively," says Daniela Contarino, of the Entity Mortgage Credit area, whose credit exceeds the average of $ 2, 3 million ($ 60 thousand).

There is a problem in the new context that the maximum amounts of loans are old. Nation, for example, does not finance $ 4.7 million. Currently, in most neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, this is not enough for 3 rooms.

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