Wednesday , January 27 2021

Most applications of the world's most downloaded application of the weather demand

The operator of mobile weather applications is selling the weather channel secretly and secretly to millions of users to advertisers and marketing companies according to a lawsuit filed before the Supreme Court (USA). .).

According to Michael Feuer, the prosecutor, the multinational technology IBM, has the application and uses the "deceptive" practices used by the TWC product and technology company to use geolocation data only. Reporting weather reports. However, they were used corporate profit Third parties analyze commercial behavior of consumers.

According to the document, The Weather Channel is applied to "more global downloads" around the "45 million users per month ".

Additionally, the spokesman for the IBM spokesman, Fortune, denied the allegations and stressed The Weather Company "was" transparent, and therefore "defended" energetically.

The purpose of legal action is to ban companies that continue to participate in "negotiation" and "fraudulent" activities, as well as for the fines of 2,500 dollars for violations.

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