Sunday , January 17 2021

Motorcycle Trout Bills: A TC pilot has been arrested for saving $ 800 million

Motorsport driver César Ariel Balmaceda This morning they were arrested Exchange bill at Megakoo Road Tourism. He is accused of a runner-up in San Luis He has taken an illegal organization and does not exist for $ 1,800 million, so embassies reach 800 million pesos, between VAT and profit.

He also determined justice 11 other riders participated in maneuvering. According to the order of the San Luis National Court, they were in different provinces of different countries Documents and elements show that they have seized control of the criminal maneuver and the head of the organization Balmaceda.

An order of justice Balmaceda established $ 200,000,000 in employment and 35 suspects as a partner illegal fiscal association. Apart from the ban on leaving the country of freedom.

In his actions, the team presided by Balmaceda I was looking to become a member of false societies that I sought for third-parties. They also registered as apocryphal assistants who exchanged some money, taking advantage of their economic needs. Thus they were created and registered with the Federal Administration of Public Income (AFIP) "ghosts" companies, made up of people who were in an accident, and then the invoice complied with type A procedures. The final step was to prepare the necessary documentation to carry out the activity.

The investigation was carried out by the General Prosecutor of San Luis, responsible Cristian Rachid, no The Motorbike Tourism rider was syndicated, head of the group that avoids the apocryphal invoices by bills. Likewise, it registers the registration of taxpayers who have been prosecuted between 2014 and 2018.

The organization had an important mediation team between the provinces of San Luis, Córdoba, Mendoza, San Juan, Buenos Aires, Río Negro and Neuquén. According to the Department of Research of the Regional Office of Mendoza, the organization The electronic invoices provided for 1,867,836,339 million euros

Balmacedak declared at the end of December and is now in prison waiting for the federal judge of San Luis Juan Esteban Maqueda If you decide to process it. Fiskal Rachid The rider continues to arrest, but with a preventive arrest until the trial time.

With regard to 11 other pilots, the researchers acted as they thought they were Bills for the marketing, preparation and distribution of apocryphs, allowing business owners to project different points in the country.

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