Tuesday , January 18 2022

Mueco "Gallardo" emotional dedication to receive the best American DT Award


Technical Director, Marcelo Gallardoand the aggressive midfielder, Gonzalo "Pity" MartnezIt was one of the best continental football in the Americas, last year, in an annual poll The newspaper El Pas In Montevideo That is why two stars on Tuesday River Plate Uruguay was again awarded the awards ceremony, where he was also President Rodolfo Onofrio.

And "Mueco" began working as a coach in the National of Uruguay, and was very happy to find this prestigious celebration:I feel at home. I am grateful to all the people that allowed me to develop myself, Ricardo Alarcn (Former National President), where he goes. I do not work alone, I have a group of people I value a lot, and every day, my players, all of whom have been under my supervision. They praise me for those who receive this award".

But the most important night was when he was awarded a millionaire technician To Uruguay Rodrigo Mora For his painful chronic hypertension he retired for his activity because of high blood pressure: "And thanks to the leadership of the river, I would like to mention a special mention for Rodrigo Mora. In addition to being a professional value for me, it has been a great value person. Today he leaves the footballer injury and I share him because he loves him. Thank you ".

On the other hand, Gallardo, in 42, did not question "every six players", who had been coaching for six years, as well as Nez and the National team leaders: "I do not work alone, a person who works with me I have it and I value it very well, to improve myself, to think for myself permanently. The players are praised by those who praise you and can receive this prize".

Another amazing thing about Wales was "Pity," football's future football Atlanta United (The last Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States does not hide its "suffering" after leaving the group after success. "Now, it costs me a bit, leaving the river in the world. I took a lot of things with myself and grew up among them, "Lionel Scaloni acknowledges the midfielder of the Argentine National team.

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