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Muñoz's widow gave details of the money over the surplus

Pochettak Bonadi's data provided details of US $ 70 million to buy United States properties Source: Archive

Nowadays, the court market will end, and tomorrow, the courts

Commodore Py

They will recover their customs. However, during the break, the cause

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He never stopped. This week the agreement approval began as it was regretted
Carolina Pochetti, a widow

Daniel Muñoz

, former private secretary

Nestor Kirchner


Although Pochets refused to participate in the maneuvering of money whitening at the beginning, while months later, and the people around him chose to participate in the penitentiary regime, he also decided to provide this information in exchange for his freedom. It originates from $ 70 million, according to the prosecutor and the court, handling illegal illegal maneuvers for state contractors.

The defenders of the maneuvering machine washers who began to investigate this case participated in Peodoro Py's courts to look at the archive and find out about the words of Pochetti. He still has not got his notice, because he did not deny it, but because Juan Martín Hermida did not ask for his official defense. Hermida considered it necessary for Pochett to prove the proverb and the data, and then he had to restore his freedom.

Pochetti's statement still remains rigorous, and although this case is still a secret summary, the lawyer of the parties involved did not see it.

The judicial officials who carry out the investigation want to know what Muñoz has cleared up and what is the current situation. According to judicial sources, Pocheta gave details of these questions. "Everything he spoke, he met Daniel Muñoz yesterday," said the judicial sources
NATION Judge Pochetti and Claudio Bonadio have condemned the agreement after being accused.

Isabel Ortiz Municoy, a Mar del Plata real estate agent, said Poktty and Miguel Ángel Plo lawmakers stated that early warning was given to the widow of Muñoz. Municoy determined how to make purchases and sales of 16 properties in the United States. When Municoy expressed his condolences, it was released. But last week, Comodoro Py returned in more than three times, for what Pochetta could point out, and was concerned about the mistrust of Bonadio himself. His lawyer, Gustavo Kollmann, is an unofficial defender, who defended Pochetti, according to the two opposing interests.

Kollmann also indicates that Juan Manuel Campillo, former Minister of Economy of Santa Cruz, and a trusted man of Néstor Kirchner, who has been waiting for hope. Campillo said Isidro Bounin, the former secretary of police, Cristina Kirchner, in the name of Pochetti – sold foreign goods in 2016 and lost money. Campillo, on the other hand, said that he was a former lawyer "Plotti", Plo, who was "in charge of this management."

As you know
NATION Through judicial sources, the confirmation of Pochetti did not change the statements of Municoy and Campillo on the story of these movements, except for some nuances. The value of the statement is the information provided in the current destination of money that is trying to be placed.

Plo, when arrested at Ezeiza prison, the statement by Pochetti was unknown, but he believes it to be "targeted".

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