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Musk runs the Twitter mailbox on Starship

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Among the tweets of Tesla and The Boring Company, SpaceX's founder, CEO and principal designer of Elon Musk's rockets made the latest news on Big Falcon Rocket's "Starship".


SpaceX Starship Big Falcon Rocket Image Credit SpaceX

StarsXP / Big Falcon Rocket illustration, a company released by SpaceX, is preparing to test a massive new vehicle. Image credit: SpaceX

Among the tweets of Tesla and The Boring Company, SpaceX's founder, CEO and main designer of Elon Musk Suzer, Big Falcon Rocket "Starship. "

Although Big Falcon Rocket's original name has been maintained, it may cause a debate about what is called a fire (the meaning behind "F" has been debated), the latest Musk tweets have made a lot of notice. be it complete They have it.

As Starship is renewed, this material seems to be stainless steel. While stainless steel is not new, Henry Brearly invented it in 1913. Musk indicate Positive aspects of material on December 24, 2018 in a tweet: "The hard forces / hard-core criteria in the atrium are better than carbon fiber in the atrium, the weather conditions are the worst and the high temperatures are better. "

SpaceX Starship Big Falcon Rocket Image courtesy SpaceX with Elon Musk

SpaceX's Elon Musk tweeted appliance test tool to prepare a new Starship vehicle for the next orbital flight. Photo Credit: Elon Musk / SpaceX

So what type of paint Musk selected for a massive new vehicle? None. "The skin will be too hot in paint. Mirror finish with steel. The greatest resistance ".

When temperatures come when a vehicle enters the Earth's atmosphere again (NASA's orbital shuttle orbital fleets nowadays retired to a 3,000-degree Fahrenheit / 1,649 degree), it's critical to conceal work. For this task, Starship can use heat recovery foam.

NASA's fleet of spacecraft operators (designed and built by Rockwell International) were designed to last foreseeable for each orbit life: 100 missions. Likewise, thermal blankets and other systems and procedures have been used to reduce the stress of the atmosphere.

Most used protectors used in spacecraft in the past. In this way, the recovery of the heat shield warmed him with it. This type of protection system was used in NASA's Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spaces.

Musk used innovative regenerative protection by Starship indicating: "The Leeward side does not need anything, alongside it will be liquid liquid liquid (krio) liquid activity, so that the silver liquid will also appear on the heat. "

SpaceX has benefited from materials developed by the NASA with thermal protection. Most obviously, apart from PICA-X, the NASA Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator (PICA) is a heat shield.

As the NASA shuttle did, Starship's rocket motors should be backed by critical retreat. Musk studied a topic tweet In Christmas they answered the questions: "No, Raptors must be locked in the atmosphere. Even maybe … " Musk said the three wind motors should use "hopper" flight tests until 2019.

Starship is a vehicle that has undergone changes in design. In this way, the change in design innovations responds to the company's questions about issues that will allow companies to produce faster Starship. Musk said how this process started running / April is how this process works. Changes also called for changes in the 60s that Starship could be in orbit 2020.

Tech Explorist's Amit Malewar says the Big Falcon Rocket system would use a booster of 67 meters high at 216 meters, called Musk "Super Heavy".

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