Tuesday , January 19 2021

"My main goal is the Copa America"

After his magnificent performance, the defender of the arch real Sociedad against Real Madrid, Gernimo Rulli You acknowledge that you want to become powerful now Argentina selection of Lionel Scaloni It was one of three suits Brazilian round America It will be played in the middle of the year. "My main goal is", he emphasized. He added: "To be in the list, I have more performances like Santiago Bernabia. I wanted to win at that court and to be a world champion. They did not score me ".

After losing property to the team in 2018, the 26-year-old goalkeeper was calm and confident: "Since the debut of Estudiantes, I never left. On the other hand I can learn and I was prepared the best day. Fortunately, this Sunday touched me ".

In addition, the Estudiantes de excarquero de La Plata did not hide Boca Juniors' interest in hiring last year's contract: "It was almost impossible, I would like it, I always wanted to be the best, but Reala wanted me to join the team and I'm happy for life".

On the other hand, he mentioned the alleged sentence that Rulli Brazilian Brazilian Vinicius del Merengue made: "I touched the ball first and, of course, when Vinicius goes aside, we will go to the other and end up staying there. I'm very sure. It seemed clearer about me around the game and, obviously, later on, to look at the repetition, it is very difficult to analyze the movement, but I still keep it and I am absolutely sure First I touch the ball and then we hit. If the goalkeeper first touches the ball, he touches the ball; Today, if it was the opposite, I do not know what the referee would charge, but he will say the same ".

In addition, the national team player was in favor of the use of current football: "First of all, it was hard to see the acceptance of what was VAR. As you progress, you will see how it works, I think we are all. It's good football. Fortunately, decide when it's possible.

And I decided on the scandal made by the White House on this political act: "I do not have to take anybody, and it's not true, it's clear that it does not have a VAR effect and it's not. It's in Madrid, and the Real got a victory, .

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