Friday , January 22 2021

"My wish was Boca"

Strong innovation Boca Juniors, footballer Ivn Marcone, it was done Medical check-up tomorrow and the next time you sign the contract It connects all the Ribera. "It was my wish"said the predator in front of the press, it was wondered Blue cross When he was one of the most important players in the Mexican championship.

"When I got there, I consulted Cruz Azul. The player has goals and we want to move forward, football was the main goal. I know there is a great deal of players right away. There is a lot of popularity and popularity. It's nice to get involved, "said the midfielder. Definitive replacement by Wilmar BarriosIf the Colombian player decides to emigrate to European footballer.

Later, former Lans and Arsenal gave details of the departure of Cruz Azul: "I was not honest, I was hoping to get out of Cruz Azul so quickly, I did it, I did not break it, we made an extraordinary semester. This is an effort effort, thanks to God. I know Gustavo from (Boca), technical staff, and I also have a good friendship (Dario) "Pipa" Benedetto.

But over the great challenge of gaining Xeneize, Marcone will also try to adhere to the Argentinian Lionel Scaloni's challenge for Brazil's Copa América. "I think, of course, being in the country, I'm approaching the selection. But I think it's time to go to Boca, complete a name and win a place. Being in this club does not necessarily reach the National Team", detail.

Before leaving the Aztec country to our country, according to central midfielder, he already acknowledged the reasons for Boca's proposal: "For Argentinian players, important proposals are important. If things go well, you can create even bigger things. But this is done personally in the dream of each one. The decision was personal, my career was a very important proposal".

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