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Nadal won the Mubadala World Tennis Championship

The 2019 season started negatively Rafael Nadal. The Spaniards made their debut when they competed during their holidays Mubadala World Tennis Championship in front Kevin Anderson 4-6, 6-3 and 6-4. Although the final game of the competition (third and fourth place in the competition) must be played, Number 2 ATP He won the championship to save his physical condition Brisbane ATP 250.

Manacor argued that the championship has been suspended due to illnesses affecting the functioning of the ankle: "I surgically surmised a little more than a month ago, it's normal to have a pain." In reality, I am happy in this way I have played Tennis today and now I enjoy playing with my performance at the physical level, and it is a difficult match between the three sets and I have not played before participating here ".

For the celebration, Nadal could not play in the third and fourth place of the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. "I have a lot of normal lack of time without playing, so I did not play, I rested a couple of days, I started the season for myself, the purpose here was, I tried it well after surgery, recently, and I was not sure I had the opportunity to start the season, "said 32 years ago.

Rafa also confesses that this competition feels very comfortable and, despite the pain, he did not want to miss the event: "I lost the event last year, in the last minute, and I did not lose it again. I have to take the decision and spend more time But now there is no time to go back, it is necessary to go ahead and the current game is a breakthrough for me. The main thing is ".

Finally, the Spaniard admits that Australia's main goal is Open. "I suffer a lot in the form of injury, I do not want to suffer anymore, I want to do things right away, step by step, that's my goal to be ready for Australia's Open and I think that's what I get, but of course I can not do much to go after spending a lot of months and, above all, after the surgery, I have a place in Brisbane, my goal is to be there and stay there, to be honest, that's my plan, "the number ATP Figure 2 concluded.

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