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Nahir Galarza, a year after Pastorizo's crime: "I do not want to go back to the past."

Ask the sculptor for mysterious collectors Nahir Galarza in doll. For paid work for 900 euros for resin and epoxy: short jeans, pink T-shirt, drawings, 9 millimeters on the right side and left handcuffs. When Nahir saw the doll image, he was surprised:

20-year-old girl to kill two bullets to punish life Fernando Pastorizzo On December 29, 2016, Gualeguaychú can not believe his sudden intention, he was surprised when he was dead in the country.

Nahir, the penalty on July 3 this year, will be special today. "I do not think it's been a year since everything was so fast this year"he said yesterday Infobae.

I told the media about two weeks ago: "I will always get my pain going through all my life. I feel bad because I forget that day because I'm finally going to die a young man. I will take my weight all my life. I did what I needed to do. "

This afternoon, you will receive a visit from your parents in jail Marcelo and Yamina and his younger brother. There will be a meeting to celebrate the 31st anniversary of Sunday 30 and Monday.

This week he received interviews from the Spanish, Chilean and Uruguayan media. "Watching TV or listening to news is not trying, but sometimes it's always impossible"says Nahir.

What you do not know is to sell Rose T-shirts on Mercado Libre with facial expression "I'm bored"It's a kind of revival for the sale of crime Nora Dalmasso and, in his opinion, lovers, who read their legend: "I was not with Norita".

It's not something new: at that time they sold shirts and T-shirts Ricardo BarredaHe died, his wife, his mother and two daughters, a dentist; poison dolls Yiya Murano and Carlos Eduardo Robledo PuchIn 1972, eleven people were killed or slept.

Even though he was the same, Nahir seemed to be an icon of the icon of the Olympic crime in Argentina.

"Every time I move to a place, I notice the first thing that has the camera. I feel all the time. They are solved with the minimal gesture that I make, As an actor. All of that distrusted me, I published the minimal word I said or was misinterpreted. Today, he did not trust anyone other than my parents, "Nahir said in an exclusive interview Infobae On December 9, women in Paraná prison.

The author of this note asked:

– Do you think I am a psychopathic killer? Do not you like Robledo Puch, with whom you interviewed?

-Not, no. What do you know about Robledo Puchi?

– I've read your story, I want to see the movie. I know a boy boy was killing or sleeping on his back. And has been in prison for 46 years. Why do you think the impact of my case on the media?

-I do not know. Or maybe I do not know, but I do not like theories.

– How did you find out?

-I saw news in video news. Show your photos on the beach, in a pool, partying.

-What did the titles say?

-Any young man died in the back of his girlfriend.

After one year after the crime, Nahir was arrested in Paraná prison, and the story continues to interest. His name appears between Google published in 2018, a book was published (written by Mauro Fulco and Mauro Szeta) and himself He received at least four proposals to tell the story in a documentary or a movie. All in the middle, the sex video became the same and Fernando became the protagonist.

Even though the courts and penitentiary sources are guaranteed Nahir visited him Matias CaudanaA young man accused him of the drug dealer. But refuses to deny it. "I do not have a boyfriend, I do not know".

Hate and fascination

During the jury, many people left the door by Nahir in June.

– Are you here Fernando family? -To know for what Infobae at that time

-Yes, replied one of them, but also with curiosity. I've never seen the killer near.

-What do they do?

-What did it do? Only one monster can do it. The top is beautiful and the trial is organized. Does the hair salon come into jail? The lights were made, it was to look after your hair. Are you reporting? Do not put my name, please ask. Do not hesitate

Marisa Espector, a 64-year-old who waits for the departure of Nahir, is not reported.

– I was watching TV, and at that time I decided to take the whole country in this case. This girl intrigues me, how she has done it. He should not be in the head.

Suddenly, the door opened and Nahir sat down, dressed in black and his hands covering his face, leaving his hat aside. People approached people who were approaching, a person that was taken was not accused of dead, cold blood, a star or a dead actor on the back.

People were surrounded by patrols. One afternoon a truck passed and the driver cried out:

The women looked at him from despise.

-You are dressed as you think! he shouted.

-The platforms that you use are beautiful. Tachas arte But it's true, the gurris go by. They say he combed his hair during the trial.

One of the first days of the test, Nahir was a chaotic departure. He rang the patrol car to a group of men and women and also touched the vehicle. There was a scream:

A woman began to cry out of comfort. He said the shirt "Fernando Justice".

-I do not understand why they cover their faces! We will not remain forever! – Cried out.

Their parents, Marcelo y Yamina, shouted "daughter" after they had left the court after they had seen her daughter.

"I do not want to go back to the past"

Revocation is not unanimous. It's more: the intensity of time has fallen. Some letters do not support letters and emails. They wrote and sent Spanish books.

-Ground people boost, cheer up and write. As I said, negative things were created, others are not.

-Do you want to delete what happened on the 29th of December 2017? He asked Infobae Nahir.

-I have lived alive, I mean, until I come back, and everything I remember, honestly I do not remember them. In court I declared that because of the need to do it, to give an explanation, it seemed to me to eliminate everything. Not only did all that happened in that day assimilated, but it was very difficult because I was told in court. The nerves that hold me behind the press, the people who were the witnesses, judges, prosecutors and attorneys were unfamiliar. It was very difficult not to tell my things, I did not like talking about me. Everyone in front of me was terrific, how difficult and ugly I was and what happened. When I had finished, when I decided to see my parents, I cried, and I said, I never remember this and I have forgotten that I do not want to return to the past. I do not want to be there for a terrible day. I told all the incidents in the trial. I do not want to talk about this topic, I do not even want to understand. I have tried and punished already. "

In that test, Nahir witnessed for two hours. He said:

"For a moment, when the bicycle started to handle both hands, I pulled the gun off and when I noticed the motorcycle slowed down and the brake appeared, I stopped suddenly, and both fell. Arrived and immediately I squeezed it again, it was only two seconds I do not know how to describe it. My mind is empty, I do not know what to do. His mind was dull. Neron and I was disappointed. I do not know how to explain it, I can do it. "

He also stated that Fernando had threatened violence against gender-based violence and threatened him. Then, after making the plans (made by the police standard of his father's 9 mm rule), "I do not know what to do".

"I could not stop but could not leave". My opinion came out, I went home, I went into my room and I did not know what to do, I fired Fernando, but he did not know about another shot. The wound does not mean killing. I did not cross that Fernando was dead. It was an accident, I wanted to do more things I would never have done. My mind will never cross or cross my mind to kill somebody. Actually, I did not want it to happen. I thought of my father, and he did not want his weapon to be careless. Every day I caught the gun and I guess I did not happen. I did not give up. "

From that year on, Nahir looks relaxed. "Everything happened, because it might have happened"Nahir thinks it. As the jail had saved his nasty rabbit.

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