Thursday , January 21 2021

Nahir Galarza and one arrested for drug trafficking fought inside the jail

The Women's Penalty in Parana had a hectic weekend. There are lodged Nahir Galarza, who perpetuates the crime of her boyfriend Fernando Pastorizzo.

The other protagonist of the incidents was Griselda Bordeira, a former sergeant processed and with preventive arrest for ties with a narco band in which the mayor of Paraná, Sergio Varisco, would be involved.

Both shared a flag in the penitentiary and, according to admitted the Penitentiary Service to the newspaper One, lYour rubbing and the tension between the inmates was constant and increasing.

Finally, the bad weather in the Criminal one had its peak this weekend. Death threats had already crossed between the two, until a last provocation on the part of Bordeira generated the reaction of Galarza.

The local media added that Penitentiaries had to separate detainees to stop the fight.

"They fought for their subjects, so it was resolved that one had to leave the pavilion", indicated a penitentiary authority. Indeed, it was decided to transfer Bordeira to the mothership pavilion.

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