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Nancy Grace Roman, "Hubble's mother," 93 died

WASHINGTON, December 30 (Xinhua) – Nancy Grace Roman, named "Hubbleen Mother," has contributed to the design and creation of a space telescope at the age of 93.

Laura Verreau, cousin, confirmed Thursday after the murder of Roman, after a long illness, reported Friday by Associated Press.

Roman was the first astronomical head of the NASA space science office to be the first female executive agency. He was also the female Champion of Sciences.

Nashville, Tennessee, was born in 1925, because the Romans showed interest in science, they said it was small and that parents were inspired.

Roman was a father of geophysics, he answered scientific questions. A mother, music teacher, and a responsible nature often went out to show the night, the constellations and the dawn. At the age of 11, the Romans completed the astronomy club and studied astronomy on their own.

However, women have been recommended since maths and science. In a video published by NASA in a note released, the Romans recalled that Senior Baccalaureate advisors committed suicide and asked: "What lady would take instead of Latin mathematics?" He also recalled that the dissertation from the University of Chicago dismissed the adviser for the interim six months.

Unlike these obstacles and obstacles, the Roman was named Doctor of Astronomy at the Chicago University in 1949 and was founded in 1959 with NASA.

In NASA, the emblematic Roman emblem for the Hubble space telescope eventually became known as the "Hubble Mother".

The Roman space telescope began 30 years before it was launched. He created a commissions of astronomers and NASA engineers, who made a detailed design of the space telescope.

Hubble started up in 1990 and started at the age of 28, because it offered high definition images to scientists to learn more about the universe.

He worked at NASA for thirty years, until he retired in 1979. Goddard Space Flight Center continued working on the Greenbelt NASA space research laboratory.

"It's hard to decide whether history will see my achievements," said the Roman in the video. "People generally do not know what happens, so I do not know for sure that I have the idea of ​​my role." Let's face it

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