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NASA arrives to the U.S. to Moon

In that regard, as private companies could be around the Earth next year, NASA announced the price of $ 3.6 thousand worthy of the contract to get human beings as soon as possible.

Nine companies will hire science and technology experiments on the surface of the moon, allowing NASA to work on the details obtained by the company.

The study will accelerate the long-term scientific analysis and the human proximity of Moon and Mars exploration.

Before getting accustomed to traveling to space, the agency needs to better understand the navigation, landing and survival conditions.

The news lasts three days after NASA's nuclear InSight landed on Mars, eighth ship[480millilitrophotometricflightsmadebyearthquake[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometerjourneyfromEarth[Lurrareniazazpihilabeteko480milioikilometrokobidaiaegindu[hascompletedthenearlyseven-month480-million-kilometrejourneyfromEarth

NASA wants to test the Moon in the system before committing to Mars commercially delivery services.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine made an announcement in Washington's headquarters in 2019, and the first lunar landing celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The news was announced earlier on Tuesday, the US addressed the moon "before thinking."

The space agency has released first photos and videos to inform the Twitter account of the spacecraft "a calm beauty here."

$ 993 million plot, which looks good, will soon pass its robotic arm to a 360-degree view, and will open Marte Earthquake sensors.

NASA engineers will soon start working with a robotic army, but be careful.

The arm has five mechanical toes in place to provide two tools in the soil and help in the coming months.

"Gradually releasing my pent-up tension releasing, starting my loosening of grapple, it shows these pics before and after," said NASA InSight Twitter account.

"Until I am ready to extend my arm, my camera will be the same angles."

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