Wednesday , October 27 2021

NASA condemns & # 39; Shooting Fireball filmed to Earth & # 39; awesome video


NASA has issued its ruling on the footage of "Landfall falling on fireball", the Internet has baffled it.

The amateur photographer Howard Gowan recalled a tower attached to the life-assisted facility.

At the age of 75, he shared the video online, it sparked a debate over whether or not a meteorite was deepened on the ground.

"I am in a live living facility and I have a six-story tower attached to the statue, with a 360 degree viewpoint," Howard said.

"I often go to the sun and the sun, and I was there around the 7th, watching at dawn, turning south and looking south and seeing this great firework.

Some Internet users believed that the clips would drop a "Fireball" on the ground

"I was very excited. I said:" Gosh, I have never seen anything like that. "

The elderly, Holly Hill, Florida, the US, became mystified, and it was on the Internet.

"I have a friend in the UK, Patrick Rooney, and he picked him up and said something about the meteor," he continued.

"I looked back at that Facebook afternoon and people talked a lot about an unknown ice meteor."

The amateur photographer Howard Gowan recalled a tower attached to the life-assisted facility

Some also suggested that there was an outline explanation.

Howard added: "The idea was not what it was, except that it was terrifying and I decided to stay away from me.

"When it was small, I saw it as it exploded, but I think it was behind the clouds."

But the review of the clip, the NASA determined, however, that strange objects did not frighten anything.

But the review of the video, NASA decided that it was not afraid

"Jet sun, rising sun rising," said an officer.

"The two layers are dead stories".

Howard said: "I think I'd like it, except that it was so great and I've never seen anything like that before, but NASA's are very demanding."

"I feel very well that all this excitement is messing up," and it was exciting, because it was not normally seen and it was lucky to share it. "

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