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NASA creates building blocks in ancient lands, in experimental experiments

How did life begin? Scientists responding to this question rebuilds the Earth's initial condition in the laboratory.

NASA researchers revealed that systems with specific iron types that were mixed with water could be commonly used at the beginning of the Earth's lighthouse to create molecules that became life-long. Understanding these reactions can be an important part of understanding the emergence of our planet's life, or even some of Saturn's and Jupiter's under-ice potentials.

"At the beginning of the Earth we can create similar molecules like" amino acids and alpha-hydroxy acids "in geologic conditions and perhaps on other countries, rather than mild conditions that could be found on the seafloor," Laurie Barge, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, astronomers in Pasadena, California, press release they said one.

On the shores, they create hot fluid from marine chimneys to the ocean, creating temperature, chemistry and acidity gradients, to create a source of energy for real-life chemical reactions. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists regenerated this environment, iron, ammonia and simple organic molecules in pyruvate, when all of the oxygen dissolved (to simulate the initial anoxic conditions of the Earth) was eliminated.

Sodium hydroxide has chemically added to adjust the acidity of the mixture and then let the sample to bathe in a seat or hot water. The trials tried to use miniature chimneys derived from iron hydroxide, mixing iron and sodium hydroxide with water.

After three days, researchers found that all chemists were dissolved in water in experiments, that some pyruvates became amino acid alanine and they have become a dairy chemical. In terms of how much alanine or lactate is formed, iron atoms depend on the number of electrons available and water acidity. Alanine is not experimented with miniature fireplaces in the experiment, although sometimes lactose was formed, and the researchers warned that they had spent a lot more time. Alanine was eventually created.

So technically, the researchers did not rebuild their lives, and we do not know that the laboratories were like those of the Earth at first or frozen winds like Europe, the speculative life might have been built. They have shown that an amino acid, the protein building block, as the main ingredient in life, is what we know that could lead to model laboratories in terrestrial conditions according to the published paper. Academy of Sciences Academy Procedures. That is, if the acidity, chemistry and temperature conditions are correct.

Perhaps the conditions under the moon of Jupiter's satellite or Enceladus Saturn's moon are the conditions here. If it's true, life may have actually begun, even though the sunlight does not have to be a source of energy. We will not know for sure without visiting.

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