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NASA Mars Sonda: The "rock of gold" found in Mars & # 39; Research by means of a strange jewel Science | News


The space agency said the transmitter had sent them to get a closer look at the eerie object. Rock gave birth to an agency nickname: "Little Colonsay" and for the first time he saw a vast landscape of Mars. NASA said in a statement: "We're trying to find a better look at Little Colonsay." The planning team believes that it can be a meteorite, because it is bright.

"But pretenses can be deceived, and the evidence comes from chemistry only."

They added: "Unfortunately, the small goal was lost in the previous attempt, and with that information, Zoriasuna will try again."

The crossover operator will now use the six-wheeled ChemCam vehicle of the vehicle to study rock.

ChemCam studies a laser from a distance from rocks and rocks, and analyzes the basic composite of a vaporized material that is less than 1 mm in the surface of these rocks and soils.

In this way, the spectrograph provides information about minerals and microstructures in the rocks of the agency.

This is achieved to measure the composition of the plasma, which is a very hot gas that floats the ion and the electrons.

The camera was two times smaller than NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers camera, when they were exploring the red planet in January 2004.

NASA has few rocks to investigate.

One of them is called "Flanders Moss," NASA said "it is a dark and interesting roof, the show is necessary to confirm the nature of the chemical."

Curiosity has recently been restructured due to software and hardware problems, and its Side-A replacement was changed to the computer in October after a memory was dropped in September.

This allows the engineer to diagnose the problem as his operations progress.

Albo A was at the barracks while the vehicle data was constantly changing.

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