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NASA plans to prevent its next Martian probe to explode parts like its predecessor


An InSight Mars approach simulation. Illustration: NASA / JPL

NASA's new Martian probe aims to make the most advanced geological research on the red planet. To do this, you must first get out of the ground on Monday. Mars landing is not easy.

Despite the recent successes of NASA, the overall rate of success of land on Mars is about 40%. The InSight probe will face Martian's dangerous atmosphere so it will explore the soil below the Martian surface and, fortunately, it will explore "Marsquakes" or "Martian Earthquakes".

"Every time you try to enter another planet on the planet, it is very exciting"Said Tom Hoffman, NASA's InSight Project Manager at Gizmodo."InSight will not be less. There are many challenges to get in good shape".

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InSight, "Internal Exploration, Seismic Research, Geodesy and Heat Transport"He started off on the west coast at the end of May and would bury him on Monday at 3:00 p.m. East Time in the United States. Three planetary analysis tools: the sound wave that travels the seismograph to measure the famous" Marsquakes ", heat sensors, heat Mars the radio antenna to measure the changing position of the North Pole of the planet, to analyze its nucleus, which will go through the platform, similar to that used by the Phoenix Hub.

The InSight probes will slow down its speed for hundreds of kilometers per hour. Mars has a lesser resistance to the Earth and, therefore, its atmosphere, so that the paragliders slow down and the planet also has wind marks. Even though everything goes according to the plan, one arm robot must put a heat sensor and a seismograph on the ground, something that has never been done.

Scientists hope that InSight will be safe to reach the fourth place they thought they would "park" and did not fall into a huge slope or giant. "For me, it will still be exciting, although it is very flat and boring"Suzanne Smrekar, Assistant Principal of InSight at NASA, said Gizmodo."All of this, therefore, is to implement our tools safely and start quickly"The heat flow sensor is accumulated on the ground when it is easier for the probe level, and scientists do not want to emit a seismograph, if left in a rock.

InSight test bench image. Photo: NASA / JPL

InSight has worked hard to work on different challenges. InSight will be taller than Phoenix, so it will have less time to reduce speed, so the team strengthens the parachute; Hoffman said Gizmodo had broken his team into a wind tunnel, which is a good sign. You will then turn on your rockets to take them to the surface for a while. After landing, InSight will take Martian's surface immediately, and scientists decide where to place the instrument. However, it will still be two to three months until the instruments are fully expanded. Scientists have a test bench on the InSight Fiber Replacement, replica replica of false and gravel rocks, in accordance with the tools and tools that can be put into practice by armor-robot tools.

Perhaps you know the latest navigations with Mars -Schiaparelli, the European Space Agency – due to a failure. The reviewer of the InSight team came up with Schiaparell and made adjustments to columns software to improve their responses, Hoffman said. NASA engineers will hear radio signals from a probe and will monitor it Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and with this OdysseyTwo smaller tests that will be left behind in InSight and follow InSight progress and transmit these signals to the Earth.

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InSight Lands you discover lately are amazing.

"We want to understand how the birth of the stone planets came during the first decades of millions of years when they were formed from mass molecules"Smreked Gizmodo."This determines the evolution of another planet".

NASA landing will start from Monday.

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