Friday , June 18 2021

NASA puts Green Day in Marsen … Kind Of

Green days "Basket Case" has gone from the case of space … in a way.

NASA's Insight Lander now officially travels through Mars spacecraft's "Red Planet" within a 5-year period, recording "Green Day from 1986" to label the most legendary punk rockers on Twitter. March was officially landed. The photo of the chip can be seen below.

"Today, in the eighth season of mankind's history, Mars has been very successful," said Jim Bridenstine of the NASA Administration (via CNN). "InSight will explore the interior of Mars and give us valuable science to send astronauts to the Moon and then prepare for Mars. We imagine ourselves in the invention of America and our international partners, and it works as a dedication and testament." The sustainability of our team, the best NASA has just arrived and will soon be. "

The InSight (Using Internal Exploration, Seismology, Geodesy and Heat Transport) Lander will spend two years on the planet's surface using a 301.223,981-kilometer cosmos. The Earth will send an image of Mars to NASA, from below.

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