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NASA researchers found a large crack in Antarctica

One of the regions most influencing global warming is Antarctica, the latest discovery by scientists NASA This seems to prove this problem.

It is a giant cavity of 25 km and a height of 980 meters Glacier Thwaites, whose measures would be equivalent to two-thirds of the Manhattan surface.

According to experts, this great crack was occupied by some 14,000 million tons of icewhich almost melted in the last three years, which causes the concern of the scientific community.

"The size of a glacier's cavity is crucial in fusion, because it enters more heat and water, it melts faster," he said. Pietro Milillo, among the leaders of the discovery.

This discovery was achieved with the introduction of the ice of the Glacier Thwaites, and it was suspected that it was not attached to the continental soil.

According to NASA, the Thwaites glacier is responsible for nearly four million sea level rise. In addition, it has enough ice to increase the global oceanic over 2 inches.

A study conducted by a US space agency and others like it highlights the importance of making detailed observations below those thick masses of ice to calculate the rise in sea levels due to climate change.

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