Sunday , January 17 2021

NASA sends a helicopter to Marsora

DPA Agency / Europa Press

NASA engineers are addressing the design of a small helicopter that will reach Mars 2020 with the mission with a challenge to fly to the thin planet of Red Planet.

"It was never a vehicle that had more weight than the air in the midst of Mars, and we are glad that our aeronautical experts can help this important space mission," said Susan Gorton, a member of the project.

This first Mars helicopter will serve as a demonstration of technology, if successful, future scientists will allow remote exploration of the surface regions of the planet from the motherland of the ship.

The Mars Helicopter design team was completely overwhelmed. The vehicle needs to fly in the mid-term of Marte, it will only survive and survive cold nights, since it is millions of miles from the nearest Earth's pilot.

However, JPL engineers were designed to design more about these concerns. The Mars 2020 beast on the ground, the atmospheric pressure is 33,000 meters above the Earth's surface. There is no helicopter in the middle of that height in the territory.

Special rotor

However, Mars Helicopter can fly 4.6 meters high above Red Planet. The two rotatrices, 1.7 meters long, with tip and tip, rotates around 2,400 rotations. One minute, equivalent to 10 times faster than a ground helicopter.

It also helps the helicopter's main body. It only sacks a softball and weighs less than 4 pounds.

The Mars plan is to try with five flights, each flying farther and lasting 90 seconds. At the top of the vehicle, the solar panels will be used to recharge batteries, to rotate blades and to use the vehicle, especially at night.

Helicopter Mart is the main purpose, but a small camera with a capacity that is almost identical to the mobile phone will take pictures of the ground below to send it to the Earth.

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