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NASA to outsource its next dark experiment


The CLPS mission would be the first collaboration of this agency in the deep space. The first one can fly as much as the next year and NASA receives two daily loads of the next two decades. It is still unclear what tool NASA expects to send, the first call for proposals in the coming weeks or months.

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Most of the participating companies have never traveled to a nuclear space of complexity and scale, and Bridenstin acknowledged that CLPS missions are likely to be landed on a "smooth" land.

"This is a venture capital venture," he told the reporter. "At the end of the day, the risk is high, but the return is very high to obtain a small investment."

"It's a great experiment," said Thomas Zurbuch's science administrator associate.

The relatively small and inexpensive payloads provided through the CLPS program would be traditional medium and large class missions, Bridenstine said it would play the moon's role.

US President Donald Trump will send astronauts astronauts on the moon on Tuesday as an administrative goal. His Spatial Policy Directive, signed at the end of December, directs the NASA in collaboration with the private sector, in order to achieve a longer Mars mission.

The US spacecraft is not on the moon, when it was killed in the final Apollo mission in 1972, and it's been 50 years since NASA sent it to the lunar surface of the robotic mission. Earlier this year, NASA scientists were surprised to cancel the Resource Prospective mission, the only lunar developer today.

However, the only natural Earth satellite is being explored by other nations; Changing Chinese 4 and 5 missions, which would deliver a moon on a vehicle and return surface rock samples, is set to start next year. India and Israel also want to launch Lunar Plots for the next year.

The lunar geologist Notre Dame Clive Neal, an emissive president of the independent exploration group of the Lunar exploration, was sympathetic to the CLPS program from a scientific point of view. Many lunar researchers have abandoned the role of Resource Prospector, "I am still," said Neal.

However, cooperation with aerospace cooperation could make it easier for the moon to achieve. Zurbuchen said one of NASA's Saturn Exploration Targets is a lunar mobile laboratory, but it would be developed through a traditional process.

He also said that NASA expects many customers who offer commercial missions. To move to the moon, perhaps with academics or other companies, the cost should be reduced, he said.

CLPS Prediction NASA acts as a major review of two major private partners, SpaceX and Boeing. Both companies have been hired by the astronaut to fly to the international space station, but have undergone many delays and delays in developing their spacecraft. SpaceX, in particular, has created a publication after the creators of Elon Musk. Then take the marijuana and drink whiskey in a podcast. There are no companies selected for the CLPS option.

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