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Nati Jota, after the operation in which the sorcerers shrank: "I do not know how much I had, I did not measure because it gave me rejection"

"I did not think it because it gave me rejection, annoyance and annoyed me", he says Nati Jota Within a month of getting mad.

As explained to TeleshowHe had made the decision two years ago but did not finish encouraging him to do so. Today, at 23 years of age and with a consolidated career in the media, the journalist went through the operating room. "I think I had a hundred and a peak and now I must have 96", speculates, since he did not know his measures.

The day he operated, the journalist had assured that he wanted them to look at her face when they talked to her. Tired of hearing misled comments when walking on the street, and not being able to wear a dress with his back uncovered or a bikini that he saw in a showcase, Nati talked with his doctors, they dated and two weeks later he was entering the operating room accompanied by his boyfriend and his family.

-What did you most bother to tell you on the street?

-I did not bother telling me anything in particular. Obviously anything disgusting me bothers me, but it was more the look than a comment. Or was he passing and they said 'Epa!'. What is it I'm running the bondi. Same, beyond what they told me, I operated for my comfort. Like to me, how do I see … I do not get my back on my back and I can dress myself as I like.

-Well you operated, what are you saying on the street and in the networks?

-I received many very positive answers. I am thankful that people want to see how I stayed. But I do not feel it from one side of rises, but as curious. It was interpreted so much that it was because of a matter of my own well-being, and that's great. There are also some men who did not understand this way, but they are the least and do not affect those comments because I am very sure of what I did.

– Do you get more criticism from men or women?

-The criticism of man is super basic: 'You are going to run out of work because you operated the tits.' Women sometimes also criticize and perhaps are more murderers. I give them a little more criteria. But in this case I felt a lot of banking among women. It was beautiful and made me better cope with male reviews, which are not all either.

– Did you train again? How did you feel

-Volve this week, but with several limitations. I can not make arms, run or play soccer. Nor can I be upside down. I only make buttocks and abs, but with some limitations.

-What can you do now that you could not?

-I still can not enjoy new things because I'm having a sports top for the post-operative. But knowing that any type of bikini is going to come in or I can wear a back-to-back dress, it's really great. Knowing that something is going to fit me well! Before I saw something and knew I would probably go wrong. Now I wish it was the opposite: to see it and say 'surely this is good for me.'

– At some point you repented?

-James. Not before or after. I did not have much pain in the postoperative. I was always super safe. The minutes before the operation, before entering the operating room, I was scared but because of the anesthesia, which is not total but it is deep sedation. I was impressed to be aware that I was falling asleep. It's very difficult to explain, but it was a weird feeling.

– How does your year work?

-My life remains the same as before. It was not a big change, the truth. I'm still in networks and also in the driving of No filtro by eltrecetv and analyzing new projects for next year. I also follow my own social networks. Bride, very happy and aspiring to a coexistence not too far away.

-How do you handle the distance relationship? The idea is that he leave Chaco to live in Buenos Aires with you?

-We take her as she can. Maybe for me it is a bit more annoying than for him. It's my first engagement and also the distance … We take her. Hopefully next year he will come to live here in Buenos Aires, with coexistence and everything. If God and Bruno want.

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