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Nautils estimate they will rise to 25% in the first half of 2019 – Economy

After confirming the increase of public services coming in next year, besides researching, gasoline could be 25% more in the first half of 2019.

From the Secretary of the National Energy, Friday, until January, according to Javier Iguacel, this year he has attacked a large part of the back delay that showed the sector's growth with the ham of growth registered.

In the meantime, YPF's state administrators share a diagnosis: closing 2018 and pricing growth, encompassing non-delayed foreigners and ending one point for 2019 by profiling.

In this table, the benchmarking of the market would increase the estimated adjustments next year, to show the dollar, gross inflation and inflation.

The paper of the Federal Republic of Fuel and Power Supply (FECAC) of the Republic Center established a stage in how to move the prices of the 2019 Navy.

Due to the values ​​of future dollar contracts (Rofex) and Brent oil (Nymex) and fuel and carbon dioxide inflation adjustments, the price of biofuels does not change the level set in November, theoretical values ​​of liquid fuels would increase by 25% next June.

"The next year I think it will be behind inflation, but it is positive to have more stable stability, a delay that came to 2018. Since the release of prices, the price stabilized in October 2017, but all the indices jumped, the dollar jumped, oil jumped and We were late, I believe that 2019 will increase by yearly and logical growth rates, "said Gabriel Bornoroni, president of the entity headquartered in Cordoba.

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