Tuesday , May 18 2021

Nearby & # 39; super Earth & # 39; Barnard B on the planet can help survive, scientists reveal

The TERRITORIAL PROTECTION OF "TERROR TERRITORIAL" can be used as a TERRITORIAL HISTORY, the scientists have revealed.

Barnard b discovered a new planet in Barnard's Star's orbit, becoming the second closest Earth system.

    The star of an artist by Barnard b

DBH / M. Kornmesser

The star of an artist by Barnard b

Six light years away, Barnard is believed to be very cold, about -150C.

But when we found out we could find it better than home.

The iron and nickel core and high geothermal activity, as anticipated by scientists, can take the first life.

The astrophysicist at the University of Villanova, Edward Guinan and Scott Engle, announced the findings in an important meeting of astronomers.

The researchers suggest that Barnard can be surprisingly vivid due to the processes underlying his surface.

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Guinan said: "Geothermal greenhouse can protect" living spaces "below its surface, with underground traces found in Antarctica, as Jupiter's icy moon is likely to be similar to the surface area of ​​Europe, Barnard, but as a result of sea heating Europe is probably the ocean liquids under the skin icy ".

The planet has a mass of more than three times on the ground, and its star is 233 every day, as Mercury spans the Sun's distance.

Researchers can now expect more understanding of the planet's "atmosphere, surface and habitability potential".

Heaven is very severe, but future big telescopes can get a better look.

Engle said: "The most significant part of Barnard's star's discovery is that some of the closest stars of the two solar system are now known as Kepler's mission-based data-based studies, saying that planets may be very common in the galaxy, tens of millions numbered

"Also, Barnard's star is about twice as much as Sun: about 9 million years ago, compared to the 4.6 million years of the Sun. Universe The size of the Earth was much longer than the planet, or even the Sun itself."

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