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Negotiation failed and ratified by trade union unions – 11/26/2018


As regards the effect of the Tax on Economics of Trade Unions, it has been ratified by the CATT (Transport Confederation of Argentine Workers), from 4 to 7 in the morning. trains, buses and long distance buses, ports, subways, planes and trucks.

He confirmed bugle After holding a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Juan Carlos Schmid, Guillermo Dietrichand production, Dante Sica. However, they met in the sector tables.

Impact of the force measure "how each union works ", Opinion of the unions in this newspaper. When the meetings are in the workplace, it will depend on the attendees and the delegates who make the call. And the data to be taken into account is that the meter starts at 5.30: without internal return Among the subdelegates and the UTA, the first magazine commented that "we are not working in the assembly, but this does not mean that the UTA delegates delay their training." Clarín lRoberto Fernandez was trained to find out his attitude, but he did not go there. In any case, it may be subject to service.

The unionists believe that at 9:00 a.m., the service in the different sectors must be fully standardized. On Tuesday, Schmid will also attend a press conference at the entrance to the TRP terminal at Ramón Castillo and Comodoro Py, after participating in a port assembly. Retirement

Guillermo Dietrich, Tramsport's Minister.

Guillermo Dietrich, Tramsport's Minister.

On the other hand, Hugo "Cachorro" Godfather Juan Pablo Brey Aeronavegantes will perform the same thing next to the Secretary General of the ATE and the leaders of ATE-ANAC. This newspaper also reaffirmed that five other sector-based trades will hold meetings; It will create a new three-hour strike.

The ministers of Dietrich and Sica met Monday's unexpected hopes of finding a response to their claims, such as a reduction in the rate or a Salary salaries. In addition, the meeting with the officials began an hour before, CATT confirmed the call to organize the meetings on Tuesday.

bugle Schmid consulted if the government tried to deactivate the Assembly "There was no such intention " but from the scope of the measure of force.

Goalkeepers and Ruben Fernandez, Juan Pablo Brey (Aeronautics) and Guillermo Fernández (Guincheros), goalkeeper Schmid, Roberto Fernández (UTA), Omar Maturano (Fraternity), Sergio Sasia (Railway Union), Marcos Castro (Overseas Captains) Superior Personal Aeronautics

The results and bonus issues were not resolved, but as the brief part of the ministry said, the meeting was defined as a space for dialogue between the two ministries and the trade unions, which will regularly analyze the challenges of the sector. These meetings will begin to develop the G20 position. Schmident: "Profit wins with Frankenstein's influence on production and salaries." This leader has asked to "lower current tax burdens".

Juan Carlos Schmid, head of the confederation that joins the transport unions.

Juan Carlos Schmid, head of the confederation that joins the transport unions.

Maturano raised another problem: they asked the ministers to intervene The railroad collects a $ 5,000 bonus; Until now, there is no such thing. Regarding his advice, he achieved a delay in October.

In the end, Brey and Ruben Fernandez, the spokeswoman of Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral, are part of five unions that have struggled with the fight – they have united together with 376 employees to find solutions.

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