Monday , May 16 2022

Neptunia's character designers will leave a firm idea in the Idea Factory –


If you are a follower of the console warfare tracker and video game sector, you may have heard about the series for a moment Neptunia of Idea factory and Compile your heartinspired by real-world trends, to create a world of science fiction video games.

One of the highlights of this IP is that it brings together the real world details and modern elements that combine fantasy stories with anime-style design, which creates two visual novel scenes in the dungeon exploration environment.

Unfortunately the original designer of the series characters, TsuankoWhen he decided to resolve the company's announcement on the latest blog, he would have to be closer to the family home to take care of non-healthcare family members.

When you move, you will not be able to fill in the office hours Idea factory or any other business away from your site. However, he has confirmed that he is working with the series company Neptunia As a freelance, he will now make orders for home or other offices.

The next part of the series, Super Neptunia RPGHe has confirmed his starting point Nintendo Switching In the West the next spring, and knowing it is advisable Tsuanko He will continue his talent in this franchise and in the next titles.


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