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Neverland's cost fell by 70% due to sexual abuse by Michael Jackson

Next June celebrates the tenth anniversary of Michael Jackson, but "King of Pop" is still alive in Las Vegas, plays and, now, to sell his legendary "Neverland" ranch.

French-Norman style property is 1,114 square meters It was sold in 2015 for $ 100 million in sales, But it was revealed by a documentary after the news of excessive sexual abuse, Its value fell by 70%.

Jackson bought the house's price in 1988 and the documentary scandal "Neverland left" (opens this weekend) simple coincidence, according to a version. Others say the breeders have not sold their high prices and the California drought. Currently sold 31 million dollars.

The property has a cinemas for 50 people, a dance studio, a fireman and a farm. Soccer field, a tennis court, two ponds, train station: facilities converted into a miniature city of the bull breeds.

While someone is waiting for M to go homeichael Jackson was also a fair, a zoo and the tracking of the car, announced that the funds managed by the asset of the star will be legal action against the documentary.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck "leave Neverland" Jackson's victims in the mythical home were sexual abuse, in the territory where Peter Pan lived in Neverland.

These allegations are in addition to those who live in front of Michael Jackson In 1994 he was sued by the victim's family with an economic agreement, while the trial was acquitted Another 2005 complaint.

At least 70 agents were involved in the search for pedophile property evidence. Ron Zon worked for the Santa Barbara Bargain office to make statements Radar Online he said that Jackson used some materials for "numb" children I started preparing sexual abuse.

Zeno has said that at least five children have made complaints against the dead singer. "There's no doubt that Michael Jackon is a child's abuse."

Michael Strogoff defends his innocence

On Wednesday, February 27, the documentary "Neverland Leaving", the family of the Popoans, responded, and the allegations were only money. "It has always been, they have no proof".

"Neverland left" described "marathon propaganda without warranty, because it is no longer an innocent man to defend himself."

"There is no evidence to corroborate the story. And they're not interested in it. This documentary does not say the truth, "said Marlon.

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