Saturday , January 23 2021

New growth: now cigarettes come back

By business Massalin People, from Monday onwards, cigarettes will have an average growth of 6%, that is, between 4 and 6 pesos. This is the first one enlarge In the year 2018 there were a total of 7. "Sector tobacco shop accepts it Argentina high fiscal pressure, among the highest in the world, "warned the company.

Exports already announced in electric energy (55%) and gas (35%). public transport (40%); prepayments (5%); Bioethanol must be confused with nafen (it is expected to add fuels); And the tolls for Western and Northern entry, nowadays, increase the price of cigarettes.

"Argentina's tobacco sector has great fiscal pressure in the world's highest position. It's important to remember the market points in the country, according to the N110 / 1991 Resolution of the UN Ministry of Economy – prohibiting the sale of tobacco sales by tobacco companies prior to the entry into the National Law 24.674 / 1996 du, "Massalin Particulares warned.

In this way, the company justified 6% growth, which means that on average it will start from Monday to 4 to 6 pesos. The first year rise, rising 7 of 2018, which grew 8.4% on last November.

After the increase, Marlboro will have a cost of 76 cents, in the version King Size (ie 20) and $ 81; In the case of Philip Morris, after the rise, it will be a $ 72 KS version and a $ 76 version. Meanwhile, Chesterfield will be $ 66 in the KS version and $ 70, and will be worth $ 60 for Red KS and Blue KS versions.

Benson & Hedges, Parliament and Virginia Slims will cost $ 87 for 20 cigarettes. On the other hand, British American Tobacco (NDB) – the former Nobleza Piccardo – does not provide Camel, Lucky Strike and Parisiennes brand growth, but it will match the increases.

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