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New Horizons ready for a historic and fascinated world of space ships

NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft is ready to be in the History of the Year in the remote Kuiper Belt of the solar system.

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Probe 2014 will be made using an ice object called MU69 and will make the surname Ultima Thule, which is orbiting the heart of the Kuiper Belt, beyond Neptune, 4 billion miles from the sun and 1 million miles of Pluto.

According to NASA, the planet of human history is the flyby.

"New Horizons will map the Ultima, map the surface composition, determine how many moon it has, and know whether it's rings or atmosphere," said New Scientist Research Director Alan Stern, Southwest Research Institute, in the press release.

"He will also do other studies, such as the Ultima temperature measurement and perhaps his mass," said Stern.

"In a 72-hour space, Ultima will be a point of light, a distant point, in a completely explored world. It must be amazing!"

The latest ever-seen object is the councilor's project scientist, Cathy Olkin, said. "Illusion is to see the characteristics of the surface of this small world, especially craters on the surface."

According to the number of craters, scientists can help determine the number of small objects in the solar system.

New Horizons, released on January 19, 2006, is the craft owner, who sent huge pictures in 2015, since he visited Pluto in humanity.

The purpose of the New Horizons mission is to answer questions about Pluto, its moon and Kuiper tape objects, according to NASA.

The missions have made many discoveries to date, such as mountains, moon and ice in Pluto.

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