Thursday , January 21 2021

New HTC Vive Cosmos, Vive Pro Eye and Vive Pro VR

HTC VIVE COSMOS, definitely a virtual home virtual reality?


On the one hand we have LIVE COSMOS, a product designed for the ultimate consumer, which will allow an immersive experience, without having to follow the lights or cables. Convenience is the main attraction of this model (its grip system that reminds PlayStation VR) to enjoy the virtual reality wherever you are. The product is presented as a glasses for use with a computer, even though the promotion channel also means that it shows a mobile phone.

The brand has not given more details, although it may have a modular design that may update the device in the future. So far we know, so we should wait for future presentations to know all the details that hides this new product, although it looks like it looks good.

Disables HTC VIVE PRO EYE controls to gain eye control


These news LIVE PRO EYE It may be that the brand is currently the strongest in the market, as they turn the virtual reality market into the next model. With the help of a mouse eye monitor, the device allows people to search for oneself, something that eliminates the need for the use of external controllers.

For now, you will start with the companies and partners that want to start showing the brand product, and more details will be given throughout CES throughout the week. Deleting controls may not be used for game lovers of virtual reality (ideally, physical elements that imitate an object within an experience), but this technology can be used to go from one level to another. No direct control of this action is required. As a curiosity, even avatars can be gestated at the same time.

Additionally, this technology will allow image processing to look at the process at the moment in the image that is looking at it, reducing the quality of perception of liberation. It's not directly currency.

The new VIVE PRO VR improves resolution and now has headphones


It is a renewal of a new submitted VIVE PRO PR, a new model for offering new panels with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,600 pixels (1,400 x 1,600), improving the definition of the image, and enjoying more detailed textual or textual elements. Increase the density of pixels by 37%. In addition, they have inserted the helmet to create a noise-canceling system for two microphones to achieve a better audio experience. Complementary kits, headlights and controls with these glasses will be 1,399 euros.

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