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New improvements to be added by WhatsApp


In this article, WhatsApp informs you about the new messenger application

Regeneration, December 6, 2018.– One of the advantages of enrollment in Google Play application test programs is to be able to test news of our first applications. And the only thing that causes anger among users is WhatsApp.

As bought by Facebook, we have seen that the implementation of new features has accelerated, especially in the test version. Last published, we have 2,18,373, stickers, group enhancements and changes in functions that are not yet activated, but this is missing.

Groups calls with the button

Among the innovations that affect the groups, the call button is included at the top. In this way, we will launch a group call in a simple way, as with a single contact.

Improvements to send files

We explained a few days ago to WhatsApp to improve the way you send out many recipients, when we use the Android share menu. Now, this improvement also comes to files, allowing us to verify what we want and listen to audio.

This function is already in the code, but it is still not active, so we have to wait a bit.

Search for stickers

Stickers are not for a long time among us, but they are very pleasing. What happens is that such a nonsense? Right now, the search engine is not activated, although it is being developed. However, you can use a trick to find the perfect sticker.

We have to click on a sticker we made, then click on See more and paste it when the package opens, on the left side we will see a magnifying glass and we will find the desired sticker. It's strange that this option has been activated here, but it's not the main one, but this is the kind of thing that we see in the beta versions.

If you want to install this APK, you can download it to APKMirror but if you want WhatsApp betas, we recommend that you write it in the Play Store test tastings.

For more information, visit: Regeneration

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