Wednesday , October 20 2021

New year-old supermarkets started, with a 50% discount


du National Bank There was a tendency for other banks in the country, such as City and Province, to start up and offer 50% discount on supermarkets.

The scope is a national one, but they decide which field of chains they have to meet. In this way, you can access the Capitol Carrefour, Coto, Jumbo and Vea discounts; Among Godoy Cruz there are Libertad, Makro and Maxiconsumo; and see in Las Heras.

You can see the attached supermarket list from this link:

The action is part of the special "Happy Holidays 2018-Supermarkets" and is valid from Monday to Thursday 17 and Tuesday, December 18, for Nativa MasterCard users.

The discount is not 50%, but has a budget of € 1,000, therefore, those who do not spend 4,000 euros will not receive 2,000 refunds, but $ 1,000, for example.

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