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News – The melting glacier explores the 40,000-year-old Baffin island plants

BAFFIN ISLAND | Melting ice

CBC News

Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 3:49 PM – More than 40,000 years ago ice cream is melting on the Baffin island, according to a new study, said the latest author thinks they are more powerful than last generation's 115,000 years of recent generation.

Simon Pendleton, a Ph.D. graduate of Boulder Colorado, studied plants in the 2013 ice championships.

Pendleton's PhD Consultant, Gifford Miller, after working on the island, would be revealing below the glaciers on the ground that plants were upright and rooted.

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"They are really unknown types," Pendleton said. "There are lumps that are sitting next to the edge of the ice".

There were samples of 150 ice caps that took place at the end of August and September, when they were the smallest.

For research, researchers gathered ice cap plants and sent carbon monoxide to the laboratory to find out how old they are.

But carbon dating is limited and more than 30,000 years ago, plants from more than 30 hectares have told researchers over 40,000 years of age. Therefore, other studies saw other 40,000 years to find out about the climate and have previously frozen the plants.

"You are in the midst of the last glacier full of glaciers … Yellowknife would be under a large part of a thousand cubic feet of ice," said Pendleton.

The current temperature was 115,000 years ago, which had previously been frozen mortar plants.

Miller has samples of ancient plants that are close to the Ice River near the Baffin Island. (Photo Matthew Kennedy)

One of the advantages of experimenting with glaciers, he said, is "a mere reactionary".

"If the climate is heated, the glacier will decrease. When the climate cools, glaciers will spread, so their fluctuations are the direct record of climate change in the past."

But the investigation indicates that it is quite fast and regularly, because it has been a good indicator "once they have undergone these plants, they will remove the landscape from the wind and water, or they will actually have it again."

When this happens, the data is lost.

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"There is a type of race against the clock, when the glaciers disappear and the plants are removed or renewed, you will lose the archive forever".

He said the glaciers are going back in a drastic rate. "Some of them will be inside a decade," Pendleton said about smaller and thinner glaciers.

As Pendleton said, the plants were much younger and the plants were much older. The study does not indicate any call action. Indeed, the glacial state of the region is at this time.

"The amount of action that we will take for the time being would be very great for the current climate to return," he said.

Melting ice cream in the Baffin island region. (Photo Matthew Kennedy)


Some residents of the area have noticed changes in ice.

Billy Arnaquq, 60, lives in Qikiqtarjuaq, on the eastern coast of Baffin Island, throughout his life. He has been in charge for the past 18 years and has thrown over the customer to Penny Ice Caps, who has taken a lot of plant samples and made an ice change.

10 years ago, the ice cap had an area where people would ski, but not more.

"[It’s] too dangerous, excessive penetration and people continued to fall, "he said.

He also took a glacial area about 11 years ago to take pictures and paint. More recently, he took the same artist in the new space and the landscape changed.

"It's so much melted [in] 11 years old, "said Arnaquq.

He did not melt he noticed alone.

"The glacier was white as white, it has become a huge area around the water … mud.

"Arriving at that place, it melts faster … it seems [to] accelerate melting process ".

Arnaquq is not worried about melting ice, communities that adapt to climate change.

This article was written by CBC by Jamie Malbeuf.


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