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Nicole Neumann: Did you match your friend? – 11/26/2018


After a few weeks after the official ratification of Nicole Neumann and Matías Tasín, it seems that the love of both achievements flourishes. Where there was fire, ashes remain, it is seen.

The model and the businessman went on a Saturday to celebrate a famous ballet The best way to end it: kisses.

Confirmed again that Ángel de Brito, through Twitter, read the WhatsApp message screen: "Nicole and Mati returned. Yesterday Tequila was covered by teens in the middle. "

The separation between these two rumors began at the beginning of October, after four months of traveling, as a family gathered in the southern part of the country. As a matter of fact, everything with Fabián Cubero, with Nicole's ex, was in conflict. He immediately left denying everything, but he did not stop.

Nicole and Matías, in love and travel.

Nicole and Matías, in love and travel.

Nicole, in the theater with her partner. Movilpress

Nicole, in the theater with her partner. Movilpress

Later, Laura Ubfal threw a bomb Whimsical, Net TV program. Blonde prefers to nominate to silence.

Couples reached the crisis confirmation program Cut by Lozano(Telefe), Lizy Tagliani, with the friendship of Nicole's friend: "Check out what the two are, models! They're working at the family home." You see Nicole, you are the only one. We can say … cut, cut, I'm dying, no, I'm dying, "he said, when he realized his mistake, judging by a weekend's attitude, it seems to be giving a new chance. Definitive reconciliation?

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