Thursday , July 7 2022

Night Sight: An incredible view of Google's phone



Google has upgraded its Pixel phones camera with a new feature: Night Sight, a kind of night vision, to take clear and almost impossible photos when you do not need flash or tripod.

The latest technological gig belongs to photography photography. Night Sight combines short-lived snapshots with shutter speed, and then reduces noise, detail and quality for a never-ending image.

The photos often take pictures with light, with long exposure times and a tripod, Google gets results by taking the device.

The night vision follows the sequences in the photos that are taken, and then reappear in a single image using the artificial developed company. Pixel camera is the evolution of the HDR + process, with some updates.

Google can take pictures of 3 lux and 0.3 lux in this way. Technically, the amount of light that reaches the surface of the "lux" area of ​​the unit is defined, measured in square meters of lumens.

How much is 0.3 lux? The company has said it has a low level of illumination, and this would be difficult to find the keys, with this level of lighting dropped to the ground.

According to The Verge, before taking a picture, Google's night view makes a multimeter calculation. According to what the company calls the measurement of motion, Pixel takes into account its movement (or lack) of the movement of the scene objects and the amount of lighting they need to take and last for a long time. .

In most cases, Night Sight takes photos of six seconds and up to 15 frames to capture an image. Google has set a second limit per exposure, if the device is completely stopped, or the second one is a second-hander.

This means that you have achieved a six-second exposure to make the device a shorter tripod or mobile phone exhibit of up to 15, all of which feed a final photograph.

"Night Sight not only makes a lot of photos in a few light, but it's really fun, because it takes pictures, in situations where there is hardly anything to see," says a giant technological blog.

"When the scene is dull enough, an icon will appear on the screen, so you can get a better picture with Night Sight, but not only after these, but after the sun or concerts or the city." Night Sight "captures the photos (low noise) and reality It turns out to be brighter than it is, so it seems that the magic is fine. "

Night Sight Google Pixel is available for mobile phones, even when installed on XDA Developer's other devices, at your own risk.

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