Thursday , January 21 2021

Nissan Leaf arrived in Argentina: prices and features

NissanAs with other automotive companies, it uses the Atlantic Coast summer season to showcase its wide range of models. In this case, the Japanese car has a beautiful downtown box Carilo (Buenos Aires), where the main novelty is Leaf: Your 100% car is already available in Argentina.

One year and a half ago, windshield The only Argentine model that witnessed the launch of the Japanese world, has sold more than 365,000 units worldwide. (READ ACÁ).

We have already managed: soon the new Nissan Leaf test.

This time, the brand model presented several improvements (technology and autonomy), but also surprised that in 2019 Leaf verified that it was available for the South American market.

The passing of time has confirmed that Nissan Argentina has made an official presentation of the electric wicket of the local market. Although it was commercially launched in July, it will be a card that is already a brand name: The Mode is made through Payment Market or Payment My Accounts platforms. 120,000 pesos.

In principle, only AutoGen and AutoFerro vendors will be available and the units will be delivered in July.

Leaf arrives in England to England and is the pre-sale price $ 61,600, At 2,328,480 pesos in the current official exchange rate. Certainly, the amount to be considered is 100% electric vehicle does not have to pay 2% of cost, instead of 35%. However, it causes internal escalators (READ ACÁ).

It should be noted that this value does not call a hesitant charger wALLBOXEnel is an energy company. This will have an additional cost $ 2,500 (including the installation) and can be financed in twelve parts, expressed by a trademark spokesman.

Meanwhile, the vehicle's warranty will be the same in every Nissan model in Argentina (three years or 100 miles), but it will be a special battery coverage for eight years.

Mechanically, the new Nissan Leaf has an electric motor, with a route of over 389 kilometers of the city cycle, according to WLTP (270 km combined cycle) and 240 km EPA cycle. It gives up to 149 HP power (110 kW) and up to 320 Nm.

He spoke one of the windshields Diego Vignati, CEO Nissan Argentina who thinks this "This range of autonomy is enough to respond to the daily management circuit of most potential customers, because there is no driver for more than 400 kilometers per day".

In addition, the director of local subsidiaries said they do not want to break into large volumes on the market, but it is clear that these technologies need to be developed in Argentina.

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