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No, Sony cartridges are not for PS Vita's heirs: they are a toy

Yesterday, all alarms disappeared from the Dutch website, Sony PS Vita cartridges or perhaps future PlayStation 5 cartridges with Sony patent. The cartridge that patented Sony Interactive Entertainment in South Korea, but not the Future consoles, was for Sony Toio toys.

According to this The Virgin:

This patent seems not to be a new portable PlayStation console, but Sony Toio launched a toy for kids giant Japanese giant in 2017. Totally cartridges are the same as the patent requirement, the circular hole in the upper and the shape of the connector.

Sony PS Vita has been a relative failure. After selling 16 million units (compared to 73 million 3DS sold or Nintendo's 80 million PSP sold), Sony is expected to stop producing it in 2019. However, the fans of PlayStation still maintain the company wants to start a new portable console.

In May, the president of Sony Entertainment Entertainment surprised the interest in portable games "a method of providing more gaming experience," and in 2012 Sony patented two removable controls on the big screen, Nintendo changed.

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