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Noelia Marzol made the debut of "Millennials" including the sex scene – 2013/11/27


fiction Millennials, garca generation Net TV (from Monday to Friday at 22:30 p.m.) Everything started with strong sex scenes. It was not the only one, not two … but three. A pair of couples, heated by the screen.

At the same time, they saw the novels Benja (Nico Riera) and Ariana (Laura Laprida). Juanma (Juan Manuel Guilera) and Flor (Noelia Marzol). Finally, Rodri (Matías Mayer) and Alma (Johanna Francella).

"Millennials has a significant sex drive but you can also find other topics that you can already take today. While they are watching, the characters will be very dramatic, "assured Noelia Marzol, in the conversation with the program. In fly cases, The Eleven Ten / Radio of the City.

With regard to the strong sex scene, the actress said: "I thought I felt uneasy, One is afraid to show it, but it's true that the boys, being all young actors, have an open mind, they respect it, Ask them how much you can".

Juan Manuel Guilera and Noelia Marzol, a passionate couple

Juan Manuel Guilera and Noelia Marzol, the flamboyant "Millennials".

In addition, he determined the formula chosen to avoid inappropriate situations: "The scene has always been spoken in advance what is done and what is not ".

"My boyfriend came up to see recordings for a couple of times But he understood that it is part of my work dynamics, when the normal scene is recorded and the sex scene is the same number of people. She told me she did not see me first. In another way, I will dieI'm definitely dying to know that it's your job, I would kill Jeloskor with my boyfriend to see another dish ", concluded Noelia.

Complete cast

"Millennials" (Net Television).

The drawing, which started with 0.7 punctuation points, makes a colorful work (common space and millennial typical), where a group of young people live together. Such stories and their lives begin to blend and their personal problems complicate plots.

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