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"Nonsense": Nora Cárpena and Agustina Kämpfer invited her to the studio and left her studio

(Bad Video – America)

His anti-feminist position and his defense Juan Darthés before the complaint Thelma Fardin They went on a visit to the Increscations, a thrilling excitement Moria Casán On the American screen, they can create controversy and edges, although it probably seemed like a couple of canceling the same program of two panels.

When all lawyers attended Moria "Someone is responding," which creates the first answers Nora Cárpena.

"Yes, do not educate us because we are family," the actress said.

"This is what I want to say, we have to start with this controversy," he defended the lawyer.

"No, I do not go, so I do not bother myself, I think it's true that it's honest, because I'm a very big woman, to make sure that a gentleman has to do what I have to do," said Cárpena, when he left the chair.

Thereafter, the relationship between the lawyer and Agustina Kämpfer started, one of La One's employees.

– Agustina Kämpfer: In any case, we were talking, and that's why I continued to ask. Let your pair be in Florence …

– Francisco Otero: No, please do not put her as an example, a bad taste.

– Agustina: No, it's not a bad taste, if I did not leave …

– Francisco: Moria, that is, I do not want to do a conversation with you. I worked on a productive conversation manually, I do not want that.

– Agustina: Doctor, I was reminded of the beginning of the program that was talking about Florentine.

– Moria Casán: Doctors, why do you think it's not nice?

– Francisco: My girlfriend does not have to do anything.

– Agustina: If you talked to your girlfriend when the program arrived.

– Francisco: I ask you to keep this conversation, I agree that the name you want to put in terms. It was handy.

Gustine: Oh, he does not want to talk to us, look good.

– Moria: To see a doctor, he's not afraid to show it, answer the kings.

– Francisco: It's not fear, it's a respect, especially a professional. I made some statements in that position, but there was nothing more. I work as a lawyer and I am for that.

– Agustina: Doctor, I'm talking about your girlfriend when it came to the show.

– Francisco: Ask me respectfully.

– Agustina: If you have to respect it and have the question to finish it.

– Francisco: I do not want to answer the question, I did not agree.

– Agustina: Of course, Moria is wrong because she is afraid.

– Francisco: I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm frightening, I'm afraid.

– Agustina: Not happy or unhappy, I do not care about fear or fear.

– Francisco: Wonderful, it is your opinion and I respect it, contrary to what I think you do not respect.

– Agustina: No dying, I can not ask because I do not ask, what do I do here? Nora got up, it's perfect, I asked, but I did not go.

– Francisco: Moria, this is an evil betrayal, we were left with the production that was with you.

– Moria: You said it at the same time.

– Francisco: No, but as I said before, there was no personal complaint, and he is giving birth to my girlfriend. What I want to ask is that we keep the terms of the agreement, that agreements must be met, there was an agreement between these gentlemen.

(Bad Video – America)

– Agustina: Well, Moria, you can not ask why he does not want to talk to us.

– Francisco: I said, baby. Discuss an idea, discuss the legal legal question, everything that is against the other, feminism, etc.

– Moria: Well, take the name of Florence.

– Agustina: Well, suppose he is with his girlfriend, who is not Florence.

– Francisco: Moria, I will not answer that, let's see.

– Moria: Do you want to?

– Agustina: No, no bulls, I'm not grateful for the child's dexterity, I'm not such a professional, I have a better quality of the person, because they respect the people they work.

– Francisco: Because of the dying, these are Chicanas, I'm not shrinking here.

– Agustina: And do not let the question end what I have to do? A guest leads the debate, it's incredible.

– Moria: But the doctor does not want the curd.

– Agustina: Well what do we do, Moria? I'll leave it as if I could not ask the guest, what are I doing here?

– Moria: The doctor did not ask for any questions.

– Agustina: Good afternoon

After a few minutes, after retrieving the seats at the desk, the driver wanted to restart the interview with the lawyer.

"I open an opposition debate to ask the doctor questions," he said. One.

"Well, I would like to ask again," he said. kämpfer.

"Please, please, it is not personal, I will gladly answer if it is not a person," he replied. Oneto.

"Well, as one of his unbelievers by his trusted doctor said" I was raped six months ago, I could not say, I will tell you now, but I was in the street … "he asked.

"I'm sorry, please. Please, please, please, thank you, that is, you can attack me and a lot of people, thank you, I would never come", answered the lawyer.

"It's a classic example of a coward," said panelists.

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