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Not all herbs are the same: experts believe that they learn how to take the perfect one


Ritual matea as a focusBecause everyday habits, both necessary and cultural, came out of style. As far as habit is concerned, and such studies do not help anything Infusion for non-marketing but to understand (and learn) how and why it continues to evolve.

The National Mate Day, founded on November 30, is a tribute to the tradition of most Argentinian lovers. The date is not unexpected to celebrate the birth of the Guarani commander Andresito Guazurarí (1778-1821)Provincial Governor of provinces between 1815 and 1819 Promotes production and boosted the marketing of yerba mate.

He responds to the tradition shared by his mysticism. Perhaps all of this is a great explanation: its different forms, its wide flavor and the sole purpose: to share a friend, no matter what yerba. to Valeria Trapaga, first sommelier, specializing in yerba mate tastingHere are the questions: The evolution of this noble drink will answer how many consumers come into the consumers' constituents.

"Argentina does not know how much we like and what we want to mate. Why? Indeed, while we drink it, we tend to bind ourselves with the association, we share it at the beginning of the day, and we do not pay attention. but There are many herbs depending on their geographical origin or their origin, according to their recipes or mixtures, They have different styles or flavors, and I tried to dine"explains Trapaga Infobae.

Experts emphasized testing, tasting, etc. a priori, do not persuade them to break through the weeds. "Yerba mate is worth the time to taste when she is sitting, to taste. Yerba mate is an important flavor and has a unique personality. There are many varieties of yerba, "said Trapaga.

Sommelier compared this factor to the evolution of other beverages such as wine or beer in other years. "As with everything in the world of wine and in the world of beer, there is a wide variety of well-known varieties and flavors," he added. Both drinks, strong in the last decade, are established through a common denominator: unknown. Creating intrigue breaks prejudices and then he understands that he left the commonplace and was the best choice.

Trapaga, ambassador Taragüi In Argentina, that is what he considered The selection of the container and the bulb (as well as the temperature of the water) is a step below for achieving an important level of "perfect friend".

"Knowing how to choose a good herb is essential and it is essential to share and share tastes through the sensory and visual analysis. Looking at the yerba, basic information is provided "he explained.

Yerba mate 5 senses

Trapaga establishes a basic principle besides the commonly used variety: "The only thing to keep in mind: Mix the yerba mate in the container in the parking lot. It is important to know before mate that all the milling elements need to be confused. Then, three-quarters of the material are placed (more than a half). If I use more than one, it ends with a light bulb to get rid of a spoon. "

"We found the five senses on the yerba mate. All the sensory senses are the only drink we need to know what we are or what we will do. In the case of Yerba mate, from the point of view, we will consider the lawn. In this visual appearance, we leave brown or black leaves. Do not be heavy or pimples, like pepper. Dust is a dry green color, "said the expert.

Who said: "Phase in the touch and hearing phase is very important. We feel yerba mate in all the structure. We take a little, we tighten it up and sound it. Sometimes we feel a bit smoky, it shows a good parking lot. It's a real complex. "

"Olive oil analysis is very interesting, we take two steps: first and foremost, yerba mate still, without our own oxygen provided when we prepare mate. We carry a handful of herbs and we try to detect the smell of Yerba. Then down the grass Oxygen evaporates and spoils of second and third degree aromas. The second phase is "he related to it.

"We prepare and taste the last step. When they do it first sip let alone a bit of air of this experience, so that oxygen will detect more smells and flavors, "said Trapaga.

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