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Now users can upload the SUBE card from your mobile phone

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To charge a balance between your mobile phone or computer, you can credit Mercadopago, Todo Pago, PagoMisCuentas, Link Payments or ATMs and the balance of your phone. This accreditation can only be done from an automatic terminal.

How does the Sub application work?

When the application is downloaded, you must enter the Sube Beta application. Then register. Once the app is open, you must select the option you want to make, check your balance or credit load.

Your phone must activate the NFC option that allows your smartphone to read the card. Next, it supports the card behind the phone. You need to trust, it can be read and that's it. The information is processed immediately.

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It is worth noting that with the application, more than a Sub-card, it is necessary to load ten days of cards, as reported by the Ministry of National Transport.

The version of this application is only available for Android, as the iPhone iOS system does not enable the NFC antenna for third-party applications.

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