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Now you can download Android 9 Pie Beta for Samsung Galaxy S9


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Samsung released the Android Pie official beta for Samsung Galaxy S9. So, if you have Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, or accounts with someone familiar with this device, we teach you what you need to know to install it Android Beta 9 on your device

After upgrading to some Eastern European countries, after upgrading to the UK and Germany, today, Samsung Galaxy S9 users can enjoy beta in Spain. Download and install how we will teach you update on your Galaxy S9 device under.

Now you can download Android 9 Pie Beta for your Galaxy S9 in Spain

Goodbye Samsung Experience, Hello One IU

It should be remembered that Samsung announced the modification of its operating system nomenclature before the developer and software prior to that. Now called Samsung Experience UI one. This new galaxy system significantly improves to improve accessibility Within the system, faster settings and mobile phones are used for mobile. And not only this, but Samsung has done a great job with the menus easier and every time More than Android experience, without losing the essence of the personalization layer.

How to install Android 9 Beta Galaxy S9

If you have Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the Spanish version is lucky, you can Today Android 9 Pie Beta.

Samsung updates the Note 9 camera

First of all we have to install it App for Samsung members in our galaxy. It is usually installed on our mobile by default. However, you can download Google Play members.

Once we have installed this Samsung application, we will have it verification or sign in. Once registered, click on the top left 3-line icon and click on "ads"Here we click with the right mouse button One UI beta program registration.

Now, we have to complete one sign up and wait For this we update Android 9 on our Galaxy S9. We have to keep in mind that the update will not jump right away, but we need to wait a bit. We update Settings, Software update and Manual download. When we see the update, click on the download and follow the steps that we present.

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Galaxy S9 UI looks like a single

The appearance of this operating system is aesthetic design, as well as to improve stability and security. Beyond that, it is noteworthy that compared to Orive with Samsung Experience, which means that Galaxian user users can improve their experience.

We recommend you upgrade your Galaxy S9 at your own risk, as a fairly advanced beta phase, It is not a stable version still However, if you do not want to wait, you can already do it.

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