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Odebrecht: Roggio has judged "bribe active"

The federal judge is currently prosecuting Casanello by Cordova businessman Aldo Roggio, considering "active first-time active participants in active bribery". In fact, Aysa water treatment plants are currently examining the alleged surpluses paid by the Brazilian company Odebrecht.

The magistrates Carlos Wagner (President Esuco SA), Tito Biagini (President José Cartellone e Hijos SA) and Jorge "Corcho" Rodríguez.

All of them also declared 500 million pesetas.

Kabanako Water, the Minister of Environment and Public Services, Fabián López, describes the ruling as "no merit" to judge or exclude it, as a result of the study structure.

It is worth mentioning that Lopez was responsible for the United Nations Resource Deputy for March 2006, 2006.


Roggio and another part of the previous executives, because at the end of May, Casanello sent a criminal prosecution at the expense of the public administration.

This time, the federal judge believes that the employer has committed an "active surplus" crime (the payment of works) to obtain assignment of work.

Odebrecht was the cause of the international scandal caused by the payment of profits of $ 35 million to maintain public jobs in different countries.

From now on, the prosecutor Casanello and Federico Delgado make annual loans to the Brazilian company Aguas Argentinas (Aysa) for the construction of two water treatment companies through Local Union Transitory Union (UTE).

In the creation of the Paraná de las Palmas factory, Construcciones Norberto Odebrecht SA, Supercemento SAIC, Benito Roggio e Hijos SA and José Cartellone were.

Therefore, another project to build a waste water treatment plant was awarded by the UTE, Camargo Correa, Argentina, and Esuco SA companies.

According to the file, anonymous complaint was made in the case of Paraná de las Palmas, about 300 million pesos surcharges.

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