Wednesday , October 20 2021

Odebrecht: Roggio, Wagner and Ben have confirmed irregularities in both tenders


The House of Representatives has now arrested 19 people, including former officials and employers, because they have irregularities in the bidding process for the construction of two Ayaso water treatment plants. The court forbade the sued to leave the country, and six companies seized the money and property, among others "Odebrecht", "Benito Roggio", "Supercemento" and "José Cartellone".

The Chamber of Chambers confirms the decision of the judge Sebastián Casanello he was in that case irregularities Bidding processes that will be resolved by companies that leave the bidding company.

In the resolution of page 28, the Court rejected the prosecution of the High Court Carlos Ben and employers Aldo Roggio and Carlos WagnerHe also prosecuted the cause of corrupted notebooks. In that file, Roggio and Wagner dismissed and acknowledged that the surplus was paid to government officials Néstor and Cristina Kirchner to continue with public-sector business.

Judicial sources are informed Infobae Forensic administration of the courts to be at the expense of public administration. The other courts are former executives of the AySA and executives of the company that directs them. All of them also confirmed the prohibition and prohibition of leaving the country.

In this case, they are working on two water treatment plants: "Paraná de las Palmas", "Odebrecht", "Supercemento SAIC", "Benito Roggio" and "José Cartellone" companies and "Sistema Berazategui" companies. "Camargo Correa" and "Esuco" companies.

It was determined in these cases The offers were prepared to win these companies and they charged more than one budget. And also works were not finished. Maids Leopoldo Bruglia, Mariano Llorens and Pablo Bertuzzi they first confirmed it.

"Aldo Roggio (Roggio SA), Tito Biagini (Cartellone SA) and Carlos Wagner (Esuco SA), expressed their willingness to associate with other companies as the President of the integrated companies UTE, and participated in the competition competition competition called Aysa"They kept their maidens.

The cause has a second section. He is currently investigating paying subsidies to keep these businesses. Odebrecht acknowledged that he had paid out surplus for business. Roggio and Wagner himself.

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