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Official: UEFA suspends Sergio Ramos for two games

It was what was expected. No more nor less. As UEFA said on Thursday: they have decided to sanction with two suspension matches a Sergio Ramos, then they understand that they force the yellow against the Ajax to not play the turn and pass clean to rooms. The punishment is already official after the Disciplinary Committee has opened a disciplinary procedure there.

The UEFA has communicated that he sanctions "the player Sergio Ramos to two suspension matches to clearly receive a yellow card at his own expense. "Therefore, the Sevillian will not be in the turn against him Ajax nor in the next encounter, whether the quarter-way round if he qualifies Madrid or the first meeting of the next edition, if the targets fall eliminated.

Branches I made a tough start over Dolberg with the middle ball as soon as the match resumed after 1-2 of Asensio. It may have gone unnoticed if in a mixed area the player would not have recognized that I provoked it voluntarily. "Seeing the result is a lie if I said I did not force it, it is something that is present and it is not to underestimate the rival nor to think that the elimination has happened, in the game you have to make complicated decisions and I have decided."

Then, the player tried to correct his mistake and said: "It was a very dangerous counterattack in the 88th minute, with an open match and the eliminatory too. That's why I said that it would lie if I said I did not know that it would carry a penalty, just as saba I have no choice but to make the mistake. And to that I mean when I said that in the football we have to make complicated decisions. If I wanted to force a sanction, I could have done it in the group stage. "

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